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Characteristics of the Curriculum

The curriculum of the School of Information and Communication comprises five core groups of subjects: 1. Basic education subjects; 2. Course subjects; 3. Japanese literacy subjects; 4. Foreign language education subjects; 5. Information media education subjects.

The basic education subjects are classes in the liberal arts that provide fundamental knowledge and methods required for further study in a special area of interest. The classes also offer an overview of related areas. These subjects are offered in the first and second years and include subjects recommended by each course.

The course subjects are a group of specialized classes assigned to each of the following four courses: Social Systems and Public Nature, Organizations and People, Language and Culture, and Media and People. The content of course subjects changes as students advance at the university. In the first and second years, course-specific introductory lectures are offered under the common title of “Introduction to Information Communication A/B/C/D,” which are conducted by more than one instructor. In the first half of the third year, interdisciplinary lectures are offered under the common theme of “Information Communication,” where a series of lectures are given by instructors from various disciplines. In the third and fourth years, students set their own schedule according to the theme they have selected and take specialized subjects accordingly.

The Japanese literacy and foreign language subjects develop ability and skills indispensable for advanced study in specialized fields, such as literature reading and comprehension, discussion, and writing essays. For foreign language, students are required to select two languages from among English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Russian.

Through the information media education subjects, students study, in a specific manner, how to incorporate and apply the media skills they have acquired to intellectual activities and communication.

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