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Taking wing as “professionals of your own path”


“Information and Communication” constitute a new branch of learning. They link existing social sciences (law, economics, political science, sociology, etc.) and humanities (philosophy, psychology, linguistics, etc.) around the key words of “information” and “communication.” Their objective is to present methodologies and frameworks for multifaceted, holistic approaches to all sorts of problems faced by contemporary society.
The School of Information and Communication positions the period of learning by students at the university as four years of discovering and solving problems. We accord the highest respect to their individual initiative. Insofar as they are related to the information society, the scope of themes encompasses any and all kinds of phenomena in our lives, including game characters, nuclear power, SNS, desire, violence, consumption, copying, and the occult.
The School of Information and Communications has instituted a phased series of seminars for completion by the students, from the first to the fourth year. The basic seminar in the first year is followed by a seminar for problem discovery in the second, one for problem analysis in the third, and one for problem-solving in the fourth.
The aim of the four years of study lies in discovery, analysis, and solution of problems by the students on their own, utilizing the knowledge legacy of past studies in humanities and social sciences as resources, and subsequent positioning of the results back in the context of the existing system of knowledge. In short, the study could be characterized as production of own knowledge by the students themselves.
In their selection of career paths after graduation as well, we hope students will have the mettle to invent unprecedented work instead of confining themselves to looking for employment of a conventional nature. We would like to see each and every student take wing as a professional in his or her own path, unlike those of any other.
Full-time teachers who have a wealth of experience in diverse fields including information business, public entities, mass media, international institutions, and research institutes; students with backgrounds, knowledge, and interests different from yours; and an engrossing curriculum of a richly interdisciplinary character... the “palette” of the School of Information and Communication is prepared with a wide assortment of colors that you have never encountered before. Through your four years as a student here, please make full use of this palette as you like and create colors that are all your own.
It is definitely no easy task to find problems whose pursuit you might like to take as your life’s work. However, the environment and encounters that will make this possible are waiting for you at the School of Information and Communication.

Takehiko Daikoku, Dean, School of Information and Communication

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