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Online exchange event was held on January 20th【Online Pre-&Post-Study Abroad Program】

Feb. 09, 2023

Meijiro, Meiji University’s character mascot

Meijiro, Meiji University’s character mascot

Izumi Learning Square

Izumi Learning Square

Group photo

Group photo
As a part of our special auditing program, Online Pre-&Post-Study Abroad Program, we held a live online event on January 20th. Four program participants from Vietnam and five students from School of Information and Communication participated in the event.

The event was aimed to provide the Vietnamese students with an opportunity to interact with Meiji students real-time and to get to know of our school and campus, in hopes of motivating them to come to study abroad at Meiji University. It was also a great opportunity for our students to have international exchange experience and deepen cross-cultural understanding.

The event was mainly consisted of two parts; an online campus tour and a meetup session between Vietnamese students and Meiji students. The campus tour was taken place on Izumi campus. The office staff and Meijiro, Meiji University’s character mascot, guided Izumi campus mainly showing a new building “Izumi Learning Square”, which was just completed in 2022. In the meetup session, the students were divided into smaller groups and played ice breaker games. By the end of the session, they all seemed to have warmed up and enjoyed talking to each other.

【Comments from the participants】
<Vietnamese students>
“I enjoyed the campus tour very much. I never saw the Japanese university campus before. Seeing it made me want to go study abroad in Japan. I was also happy that I could interact with Meiji students and other Vietnamese students.”

<School of Information and Communication students>
“Through playing the games, we had a good time talking to each other. The time went by so fast that I wish we had more time to talk."
"The Vietnamese students speak very good Japanese and I was able to communicate with them without any difficulty. I would like to study English harder and participate in a program like this again.”

Event Details:
・Opening speech (Dean of School of Information and Communication)
・Part 1: Meiji University Izumi Campus Online Campus Tour (30 min.)
・Part 2: Meetup session with Meiji students (45 min.)
・Closing- Sharing comments, taking a group photo, etc.