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Curriculum that accommodates the need for broader and deeper study

Characteristics of the Curriculum of the School of Arts and Letters

In the School of Arts and Letters, classes for the first two years are offered on the Izumi Campus and include the following groups of subjects: foreign language, health and physical education, information, common electives that provide broad knowledge in various fields, introductory theories that help students build basic knowledge for their specialized (major) course, and seminars, where students receive specialized education in small groups from the first year. This seminar system comprises one of the greatest characteristics of the curriculum offered by the School of Arts and Letters.

In the third and fourth years, classes are offered on the Surugadai Campus. In the third year, students can select subjects according to their needs and interest from among more specialized subjects offered in each major. Exercise-based classes (practice-based classes for some courses) in the third year and classes for graduation in the fourth year are offered in the form of seminars, which constitute the core of specialized education at the School. In short, a wealth of specialized subjects to choose from, exercise-based classes, and seminars geared to graduation are what make the School’s curriculum very unique and special.

The majority of classes offered in the School of Arts and Letters are two-credit courses that can be completed in one semester. Students, therefore, can take two different subjects at the same time on the same day of the week throughout the year, enabling them to study a diversity of topics depending on their interest and needs. Moreover, the subjects offered in the second semester are arranged to deepen or follow up on classes offered in the first semester, which allows students to study in a systematic manner. However, seminars and classes for foreign language and health and physical education are offered as one-year programs to ensure thorough understanding.

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