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Meiji University Activity Restriction Guidelines Reduced to Level 2, from July 1

Jun. 17, 2020

 Students, faculty and staff, graduates and visitors
Meiji University

Meiji University Activity Restriction Guidelines Reduced to Level 2, from July 1

In response to the lifting of the government's declaration of a state of emergency, Meiji university has been implementing measures to restrict entry into the university since June 1, setting Meiji University Activity Restriction Guidelines at "Level 3". However, after comprehensively assessing the occurrence of new coronavirus infections and the appropriate response for the continuation of education and research activities, we have decided that from July 1, Meiji University Activity Restriction Guidelines will be lowered to "Level 2".
* "Level 3" will continue to apply until June 30.

If the policy of the central government or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government changes, there is a possibility that the level of Meiji University Activity Restriction Guidelines will change accordingly. Such information will be posted on our HP, Oh-o! Meiji etc.

The guidelines for each activity at Level 2 are as follows.

1 Classes and Educational Activities
As a general rule, classes will be conducted online throughout the Spring Semester. Regarding the possibility of face-to-face classes when transitioning to Level 2 of the Meiji University Activity Restriction Guidelines, announced on May 22, it has been decided to partially start face-to-face classes in a range of subjects from July 1.

Each department and graduate school will inform you of the details of the subjects for which face-to-face classes will be started.
With regard to face-to-face classes, taking into account the individual circumstances of the students taking the classes, in addition to face-to-face classes, we will give due consideration to students who wish to refrain from coming to the campuses by allowing methods such as online class delivery, and will implement classes in flexible ways so that students may avoid being on campus, if they so wish.

2 Research activities
To prevent the spread of infection, academic research activities are permitted with due consideration to the research environment.
Participation in and sponsoring research meetings such as academic conferences are prohibited in principle.
When conducting research activities, be sure to check the following guidelines.
*Guidelines for Resuming Research Activities

3 Extracurricular activities
Activities are prohibited in principle.
Only certain activities approved by the university are allowed.

4 Student attendance on campus
In principle, students should refrain from entering the campus unless the purpose is to attend face-to-face classes. However, some facilities approved by the university may be used as follows: the libraries and media-related facilities. How these facilities may be used, the hours of use, and the approved users vary from normal. Be sure to check each HP for details.
(1) Library

(2) Media Facilities (Information Classes)
 ■Surugadai Campus
 ■Izumi Campus
 ■Ikuta Campus
 ■Nakano Campus

(3) Laboratories
Use of individual laboratories, Collaborative Research rooms, and study rooms are permitted for educational and research purposes only. However, keep the use of these facilities to the minimum necessary.
In addition, to prevent the spread of infection, the number of people using science laboratories is restricted. Contact your supervisor for assistance.
When using a laboratory, be sure to check the following guidelines.
*Guidelines for Resuming Research Activities

5 Counter services
As a general rule, use the following special inquiry form if you need help from the office.
If you need to visit the office, be sure to obtain permission in advance from the office you are visiting.

6 Facility lending
For educational and research purposes, faculty and staff are allowed to rent classrooms, conference rooms, etc., for use by up to 30 persons.
However, as a general rule, only university faculty, staff and students are allowed to use these facilities.
The lending procedure is the same as usual.
When making reservations for classrooms, conference rooms, etc. ensure the number of users is less than half of the capacity. Make sure there is sufficient ventilation and that social distancing is observed, in order to ensure sufficient space for users.

7 Health Management and Others
(1) When entering the campus, observe the following rules.
① Before leaving home, every student should confirm that their temperature is normal (approximately 37.5 degrees or less.) and that their physical condition is normal.
Do not go to school if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher or if you are worried about your physical condition.
② When entering facilities, etc., always wear a mask after taking measures to prevent heatstroke.
③ When entering the campus, use the disinfectant solution installed at the entrance of each facility. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after entering the site.
④ If any student feels anxious about his/her physical condition after entering the campus, he/she should return home immediately. Let a nearby staff member know (including clinic staff) before returning home.
⑤ When entering any facility, ensure social distancing (2m or more).
(2) For other items, check the "Meiji University Restricted Activities Guidelines".