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Double core education system via small seminars and exercise classes

Education offered by the School of Commerce features small exercise-based (seminar) education, where students play a leading role. By enrolling in a seminar specializing in commerce and a comprehensive interdisciplinary seminar at the same time, students can form two cores of specialized and general knowledge within themselves.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

i) For three years from the second year to the fourth year, students can attend two types of small seminars (an exercise seminar specializing in commerce and a comprehensive interdisciplinary exercise seminar) from among subjects in commerce and those in general studies at the same time.

ii) The School of Commerce promotes practical foreign language education through its continuous four-year multi-language education program geared to the acquisition of two foreign languages. During the first two years, students are divided into classes by English proficiency level. In 2008, the School further introduced the SOCEC Program for intensive English learning. During the third and fourth years, small group classes are offered to enhance language skills in English, German, French, Chinese, Korean, or Spanish.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

In an effort to facilitate the systematic study of commerce, the School of Commerce offers a course system from the third year and clearly presents the purpose of each course and academic requirements for students. In other words, based on what students learned during the first two years, students can select a course, which caters to their needs and interest, from among a variety of different courses.

Curriculum Chart