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Philosophy of the Curriculum

The School of Commerce organizes a systematic and step-by-step curriculum that combines specialized knowledge and a deep education in commerce. This enables students to benefit from the results of theoretical and empirical research in the most advanced fields of commerce. Central studies are augmented by their experience of fundamental education, foreign language education, general education, health and physical education, fundamental courses, primary courses, and seminar courses.

Composition of Curricula

Under the Semester System, the first- and second-year courses consist mainly of required courses. These include basic education subjects, foreign language subjects, and health and physical education subjects. In addition, students can study basic subjects such as the "Principles of Marketing" and comprehensive education subjects such as "Sociology."

The Basic Education Course was established for students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to enrich their learning in the School of Commerce. It consists of "Fundamental Research Skills," "Composition and Expression," and "Economics." It is part of their first-year introductory education.
The 3rd and 4th year courses focus mainly on core courses, where seven specialized courses are offered. In addition, from the second year to the fourth year, students can take the "Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Seminar" and the "Professional Seminar in Commercial Science" at the same time (Double-Core education system) so that they can acquire specialized knowledge and a deep education in commerce.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

 (1)We have adopted a seven-course system consisting of Applied Economics, Marketing, Finance and Insurance, Global Business, Management, Accounting, and Creative Business.
(2) For each course, core courses are provided so that students can learn about their specialized fields according to their own educational goals.
(3) Optional courses that can be taken freely, including applied development courses, have also been established, including "Special Theme Practical Course," "Special Theme Research Course," and "Special Theme Overseas Training Course." The Special Theme Practical Course aims to foster students who can view society through social cooperation activities. The "Special Theme Research Course" introduces the most advanced research on commerce to students, and the "Special Theme Overseas Training Course" enables students to learn about matters related to their specialized fields at overseas partner universities.
(4) We also focus on the acquisition of foreign languages, which are necessary for human resources who can play an active role in the world. We provide integrated multilingual education over four years, and offer subjects where content is studied through English.
(5) As an active learning course, we offer "Business Insight" (until FY 2022, "Integrated Lectures"), in which small teams work together to plan solutions to problems faced by companies in the field of business, and also arrange seminar courses.

Curriculum Chart