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Admission Policy

Educational Policy and Education Goals

The School of Commerce was founded in 1904 as the first commercial course at a private university in Japan, and since then, carrying on the tradition of the commerce course of Meiji, has been aiming at fostering a new generation of leaders who can deal with rapid changes in the socio-economic environment. In other words, the School of Commerce sets as its goal the fostering of business professionals. For that reason, in the School of Commerce, students comprehensively learn about markets, where all aspects of business activities are aggregated from various perspectives.

In the School of Commerce, each student comprehensively learns about the markets and their surrounding environments, and then develops a particular expertise under the system of one department with the curriculum construction that consists of seven professional courses. In addition, students can also acquire a wide-ranging and profound education necessary for business people. That is to say, the School of Commerce enables integration of expertise and liberal arts education. We are aiming at fostering human resources with expertise in commercial science and the ability to deeply understand human nature. We are enhancing small-group instructions in the exercise style. Students can take two types of seminars, an exercise seminar specializing in commerce and a comprehensive interdisciplinary exercise seminar, concurrently. In addition, we are providing distinctive education programs such as independently-minded practical education through collaboration among community, industry and university, international exchange with partner universities in foreign countries, and four-year multi-language instruction.

To satisfactorily achieve the education mentioned above, the following types of students are welcomed to the School of Commerce:
1. those who are willing to take an active interest in the distinctive education programs provided by the School of Commerce;
2. those who desire to acquire expertise in commercial science and acquire sophistication; and
3. those who desire to become able to make a comprehensive judgment in various business situations through the form of perception and perspective of the world that they will internalize.

Efforts in Learning in High School or Other Educational Facilities Expected of Applicants for Enrollment

The School of Commerce has admitted students with diverse backgrounds, including international students. In order to make study in the School of Commerce satisfactory, the following abilities are necessary requirements for fulfillment by the time of enrollment:
1. communication skills and verbal aptitude required for voluntary learning; and
2. basic ability to communicate in a foreign language and basic academic skills in social sciences, humanities, and natural science required for the acquisition of expertise in commercial science and the ability to deeply understand human nature through the distinctive curriculums provided by the School of Commerce.