Go Forward

Fostering business people capable of extensive activity worldwide



In 2024, the Meiji University School of Commerce will celebrate its 120th anniversary. Since its establishment, the Meiji University School of Commerce has adhered to its fundamental philosophy of education, which aspires to the development of human resources with excellent academic and practical skills.


One characteristic of the School is its course system (one department, seven courses). Students do not have to narrow down their academic fields as they enter the university, and after studying the basics in their first and second years, they can choose the field they wish to study in depth in their third-year course selection. This course system gives students great freedom in selecting their academic fields. In the Meiji University School of Commerce, commercial science approaches the market from a comprehensive perspective, and students can study diverse fields such as marketing, finance, accounting, economics, and management.


The Meiji University School of Commerce, which respects the independence of students, also incorporates active learning in various situations. From the spring semester of the first year, students can participate in the Business Insight class (called “Future Skills course” until 2022), in which they can work on actual corporate issues, and in the Special Theme Practicum, which allows them to learn about society in collaboration with local communities and companies. Students can choose classes such as two kinds of Seminar course within what is called thedouble core” system. The system, which begins in the second year and aims to develop human resources with extensive education, allows students to take two seminars simultaneously: a "Specialized Seminar in Commerce," where students learn specialized knowledge regarding commerce, and an "Integrated Interdisciplinary Seminar," in which they deepen their knowledge of liberal arts.


The Meiji University School of Commerce is characterized by students with diverse backgrounds and small-group education at a large-scale school. Furthermore, the Meiji University School of Commerce has partially changed its curriculum from the 2023 academic year, increasing the degree of freedom in class selection and facilitating the undertaking of challenges such as studying abroad.


By providing diverse learning opportunities in the Meiji University School of Commerce, we strive to nurture business people who can play an active role globally and think clearly amid the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of our era.