Go Forward

Aspiring to the production of business persons capable of extensive activity worldwide

DEMISE, Nobuyuki

In 2014, the Meiji University School of Commerce celebrated the 110th anniversary of its institution.

Almost all schools of commerce in notable universities in Europe and North America were founded about 100 years ago.
This is because of the transportation and communications revolution and the intensification of international competition from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. These developments generated strong needs for the production of business persons capable of vigorous action on the global stage, not only in the West, but also in Japan, then a newly modernizing country.

Today, globalization has made progress to an even higher degree than was the case 100 years ago by the advances in information-communications technology and rise of newly emerging economies. Meanwhile, the resolutions of global warming, resource depletion, and other problems are indispensable for sustainable economic advancement in all countries. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important to develop business persons with skills that are far more sophisticated than those of their counterparts 100 years ago. The times call for capabilities not only to achieve “low price” and “convenience” but also to link these attributes to “social contribution” and “sustainability”.

Ever since its institution, Meiji University School of Commerce has adhered to its fundamental philosophy of education, which aspires to the creation of human resources with excellent academic and practical skills. At the same time, it applies a course system (one department, seven courses) enabling flexible adaptation to the needs of the new age. Furthermore, since its 101th anniversary, it has implemented a forerunning series of reforms to enable linkage of specialized knowledge and profound cultivation. For example, the School of Commerce decided to enable simultaneous completion of courses on specialized commercial-science exercises and interdisciplinary exercises. It also established new courses, such as Integrated Lectures – Introduction to Commercial Science, Integrated Lectures –Introduction to Commercial Research, Special Theme Practicum, and Special Theme Overseas Research.

Commercial science treats the market from an all-around perspective, and the Meiji University School of Commerce endeavors to produce business persons who can shape their times and are equipped for wide-ranging activity worldwide, based on its setup for systematic education extending from the fundamentals of commercial studies to actual practice.