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Workshop on Theory and Practice of Real Computation

May 25, 2015

"Workshop on Theory and Practice of Real Computation"

Date: July 12, 2015
Venue: Shikonkan building in Surugadai Campus

The workshop presents research on Real Computation: a scientific field with many applications currently evolving into the future of classical (i.e. heuristic) numerics. It combines, and emerges from, both (practically oriented) Validated Numerics, such as interval arithmetic, and from (theoretically-oriented) Complexity in Analysis as refinement of Recursive Analysis.

This is a workshop co-located with the Twelfth International Conference on Computability and Complexity in Analysis (CCA 2015), which will be held in July 13-15, 2015 at the same venue.

For more details, please consult the website here.