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明治大学 教務事務室

 October 2, 2019
 Academic Affairs Office
A video of the 2019 Meiji University Fall Graduation Ceremony (September 19) was released.

[次第 Program] 
• 開式 Opening Remarks
• 学位記授与 Presentation of Diplomas
• 学長告辞 Message from the President
• 理事長祝辞 Congratulatory Remarks from the Chairman, Board of Trustees
• 校友会長祝辞 Congratulatory Remarks from the Chairman of the Meiji University Alumni Association
• 答辞 Speech by the Representative of Graduating Students
• 校歌斉唱 Chorus of the School Song
• 閉式 Closing Remarks

また、あわせて本学Podcastの式典(Ceremony)のコレクションにも公開しました。iTunesアプリ(Windows、Mac)や、iTunes Storeアプリ・Podcastアプリ(iPhone、iPad)で再生することができます。
In addition, it was also released on the collection of ceremony of our university podcast. You can play it on the iTunes app (Windows, Mac), iTunes Store app, Podcast app (iPhone, iPad).

• Podcast - Meiji University[式典 Ceremony]