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Guide to the Student Counseling Room

Supporting Student Life

The diverse experiences you acquire throughout your college life are stepping stones of great significance for building your future, but at the same time it is not unusual for these experiences to trigger various problems and anxieties.
The Student Counseling Room has been set up by the university precisely to help you deal with these larger and more troubling issues.  We are always ready to lend an ear and work with you to find the best solutions to your problems.

The Most Common Concerns

・ Academic issues (course work, grades, etc.)
    I need help in deciding on which classes to take.
    I want to improve my study skills to earn more credits.
    Small-sized classes make me so anxious that I cannot attend them. 

・ Campus life (clubs, circles, etc.)
    I am not sure if I want to remain a member of my club.
    I feel overwhelmed with my responsibilities as a team member. 

・ After Graduation (employment, life goals, etc.)
    I am thinking about transferring or re-taking entrance exams of other universities.
    I feel I have hit a dead end in my job hunting process. 

・ Health (personal anxieties, mental health, etc.)
    I wish to improve my communication skills to make more friends.
    I am such a perfectionist that I have trouble relaxing. 
    I have trouble sleeping at night.
    I feel tired even after getting some sleep.
    I cannot stop checking things over and over.
    I cannot enjoy activities that are supposed to be pleasurable.
    I need someone to talk to about my (sexual/gender) identity. 

・ Social relationships (friends, lovers, family, etc.)
    I don’t know how to deal with my “trouble-making” friends.
    I’m experiencing some personal problems with fellow researchers in my seminar.
    I feel trapped or controlled by my girl/boyfriend; I’m being stalked. 

・ Financial and/or Legal matters
    I have accidentally signed up for an expensive privately-run seminar (classes) with my friend(s).
    I was not paid properly for my working hours at my part-time job.

・ Other concerning matters

Our Staff

Our staff consists of intake counselors (for first visits), counselors, psychiatrists, and lawyers, in addition to instructors who have been selected and approved by the Schools they are affiliated with at Meiji University. 
Each staff member’s consultation hours are posted below.

Getting Help

• You can phone ahead or come directly without prior notice.
• Your first consultation will be with one of our intake counselors. Although an appointment is not necessary for this first visit, we recommend your doing so to ensure that you will get the fastest service possible.
• (An appointment will be necessary to meet with a counselor, psychiatrist or lawyer; have the intake counselor make an appointment for you during your first visit.) After meeting with an intake counselor, he or she will help you make an appointment with a counselor, psychiatrist, and/or lawyer. 
•   Ongoing counseling will be offered as needed.
* All counseling is free of charge.
* If you find it difficult to come alone, it is perfectly all right to bring a friend or family member.
* All counseling is available for registered Meiji university students and family / faculty / staff seeking consultation concerning registered Meiji university students. 

    Your information is strictly confidential.

Privacy Policy

The Student Counseling Room adheres to the following policies to ensure a relationship of trust with those who come to us for help.


We guarantee that any personal information revealed during counseling sessions will never be used outside of this office for any reason.  Your personal information received is used solely for the purpose of counseling.

Inquiries from Interested Parties (Parents, Guardians, Instructors, etc.)

Students often speak in consultation about things they wish to keep from their parents or instructors.  Accordingly, our policy is not to accept any inquiries from parents, guardians, instructors, or other interested parties.

Circumstances Requiring Disclosure

There are certain cases, however, when it may be necessary to depart from our usual strictness about maintaining confidentiality.  For example:
• when physical or life-threatening harm seems imminent (emergency)
• when the basic rights of others are violated

Your Contact Information

We request that when making an appointment with us, you leave a contact number in case we need to inform you of sudden changes in our schedule.  Being able to contact you will allow us to maintain your privacy and maximize the amount of support we can offer.

Contact us

・Surugadai Campus (Tel. 03-3296-4217)
2nd floor, University Hall

・Izumi Campus (Tel. 03-5300-1178)
2nd floor, University Building 1
・Ikuta Campus (Tel. 044-934-7619)
2nd floor, Main Building

・Nakano Campus (Tel. 03-5343-8080)
4th floor, Low-Rise Wing 

Office Hours

10:00 to 17:00, Monday through Friday

* First visits do not require a prior appointment.
* If you would like a consultation interview on Saturday (9: 00 - 12: 00), please contact us in advance.
* Hours of operation may change due to special events at the university, such as entrance examinations.  All such changes will be posted.

Beware of Malicious or Fraudulent Commercial Practices

Recently there has been a rise in the number of consultations about malicious or fraudulent commercial practices (scams). We ask that you take precautions to protect yourself from this kind of problem. Do not sign any agreement or contract unless you are fully informed, and if you do encounter such trouble, contact the police, the Student Counseling Room, the Student Support Office, or Tokyo Consumer Affairs Center: Tel.03-3235-1155.   
If you end up pressured into signing a contract, remember that there is a “Cooling Off” system in Japan which enables consumers to terminate such agreements unconditionally within a certain period of time. Avail yourself of this system if necessary.

Preventing Harassment on Campus

Do you think you are a victim of campus harassment?

Campus Harassment Consultation Room
3rd Floor, University Hall, Surugadai Campus
Tel: 03-3296-4215
Email: ch-free@mics.meiji.ac.jp
(Consultations are mainly in Japanese)

AY2020 Consultation Hours

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