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Wide Range of Field Research Trips

A variety of interesting field research trips are organized by the school. These trips provide opportunities for the English-track students to observe the actual public policy in practice at both national and local government agencies. The field trips are also an occasion to interact directly with the real Japanese practitioners who can share professional and hands-on experiences. Through the field research trips, students will enjoy the learning experience through Japanese cases. In addition, they will develop a better understanding of Japanese society and culture.

*Students who register for courses included field trips but are not supported by the JDS scholarship will have to cover the cost for participating in such field trips out of their pocket.  For more detail, refer to our syllabus.

Courses involving field research trips

  • Current Development in Public Policy and Management
  • Introducing Spatial Planning in Tokyo
  • QM in Japanese Public Sector
  • Spatial Planning
  • Tax Policy and Tax Administration

Place Visited

  • National Personnel Authority
  • Fire and Disaster Management Agency
  • Local Autonomy College of the Ministry, Internal Affairs and Communications
  • National Tax Agency, Ueno Tax Office
  • The National Museum of Japanese History
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Kyoto Prefecture
  • Miyagi Prefecture
  • Nagano Prefecture
  • Urayasu City Government