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Issuance of Certificates (School of Commerce Graduates)

*Certificates are issued by the office of the school from which the student graduated. For application procedures, mailing addresses, and other information, please check the website for your school of graduation.

■ Notice

Application procedure
1. You may submit an application either by bringing it directly to the university or by mail.
2. Applications cannot be made by telephone, fax, or e-mail.
3. If a person other than the applicant performs the application procedures, you must prepare a letter of proxy (click here for a sample), proof of proxy’s identity, and proof of your (applicant’s) identity (a copy of the identification document).
4. If your name has changed from when you were an enrolled student, a verification of identity must be made based on your name when you were a student. For this purpose, you must bring or submit official documents (originals only; copies are not accepted) indicating the change of name, regardless of whether the certificate is to be issued in your former or current name. If you are applying by mail, enclose these documents with your application.

■ Applying at the office

Please come to the School of Commerce Office (4F, Liberty Tower, Surugadai Campus) during office hours with your proof of identity. Fill in the required information on the application form and submit it at the counter.
If your certificate is to be issued in Japanese, it may be issued within about 10 minutes (although wait times depend on the number of applications).
Please note in advance that it takes about one week to prepare an Official Academic Transcript in English. If you pay the postage, the office will mail them once they are prepared. See the table below for handling fees.

*Proof of identity
As a general rule, the proof of identity must have a photo attached to it (driver’s license, passport). If you do not have one, please submit at least two other types of proof of identity such as a health insurance card, pension booklet, or a basic resident register card. The office cannot issue certificates without proof of identity.

■ Applying by mail

Send the following four items (A – D) to the School of Commerce Office. It will take about one week (about two weeks in the case of English certificates) from the date of application for delivery of your certificate(s). Please note that the delivery may take longer if the application is made during the Summer Break or Winter Break.

A) A document noting the following items (write the information on notepaper, memo pad paper, etc. or download the Certificate Issuance Application Form (for application by mail)).
(1) Full name, (2) Notation in the Japanese syllabary (alphabet in the case of English), (3) Sex, (4) Date of birth, (5) School/department of graduation (also note whether it was a day or evening division), (6) Month and year of graduation, (7) Purpose of certificate use, (8) Types and numbers of certificates required, (9) Mailing address and telephone number
* If you are applying for an English Official Academic Transcript and were enrolled in a seminar, note the name of the seminar.

B) Handling fee (see the table below)
Pay using a Japanese fixed amount postal money order (issued at post offices) or in cash by registered mail. (Please arrange for a proxy in Japan if you are unable to prepare Japanese fixed amount postal money order or Japanese yen in cash because you're in foreign countries.)
*Please do not write anything in the entry column on the front.

C) Return envelope (stamped)
For mailing to addresses in Japan, postage of 82 yen is sufficient for returns containing one or two certificates, but affix more postage for more certificates. (Click here for postage rates.)
*Please make sure to affix enough postage needed for delivery of the return envelope. For mailing to addresses outside Japan, affix the postage required for return on the return envelope, or enclose an envelope for EMS or other international postal service.
*If you would like express delivery, affix the extra postage for this.
*Official Academic Transcript will be sent in sealed standard-size envelopes (Rectangular size 3). If you apply for three or more such certificates, enclose a non-standard-size envelope (postage will be different).

D) Proof of identity (copy)
For verification of identity, enclose a copy or copies of proof of identity, such as driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, or pension book.

■ Handling fee

Type Handling fee
 (per certificate)
Certificate of Graduation 300 yen
Official Academic Transcript 300 yen
Certificate of Withdrawal/Removal 300 yen
Certificate of Graduation in English 400 yen
Certificate of Academic Transcript in English 400 yen
Other certificates Consult the staff in charge of certificates.

■ Office hours and inquiries

School of Commerce Office, Meiji University
1-1 Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8301
Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 11:30 a.m., 12:30 – 6:00 p.m. Saturday: 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Japan Standard Time)
Applications are not accepted on Sundays or holidays.