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About Our School

The School of Political Science and Economics was started in 1904 as the School of Politics, later becoming the Department of Political Science and Economics, and finally the School of Political Science and Economics in 1925. The School of Political Science and Economics carries on the ideals of its first dean, Ushisaburo Kobayashi, to "investigate the principles of politics, study the foundations of economics and, through their coupling, contribute to rebuilding politics and innovation in economics" by "drawing on the realities of society to illuminate scientific principles".

The various social phenomena are becoming increasingly complex, amongst which "politics" and "economics" are two major inseparable elements that serve the basis of human life and activity. The School works to develop a comprehensive and close understanding of the relationship between politics and economics, and the phenomena that emerge from it to make students into able people worthy of international respect.

The "regional" viewpoint, the intersection between the global and the local, has been gathering interest in politics and economics.

The School added the "Department of Regional Administration" in 2002 to better respond to the growing societal demand that people be aware of issues in regional vitalization. Since 2004, we have worked hard to overhaul our curriculum. This resulted in the implementation of the new curriculum in 2008, and we continue to strive for constant improvement based on the new semester system.

We at the School of Political Science and Economics place particular importance on education through “seminars” with small student-teacher ratios. Under the tutorial-based course system, which was introduced in 2008, the school now offers a structure that enables students to derive maximum educational benefit from their seminars, as well as a range of courses-and-subject packages that allow students a systematic choice of subjects more closely attuned to their interests.

Backed by a century of history and tradition, the School of Political Science and Economics maintains a forward-looking stance as we seek to innovate in order to meet the ever-changing requirements of the times and ensure that our next century is just as successful as the first.