Go Forward

The School of Political Science and Economics – Toward a New Stage


 Nourished by a broad perspective and strong interpersonal skills one can spread their wings wide and soar high

The international business leader Toshio Dokou said, “to dig deep holes, one needs breadth.” In order to fill the gaps in a given academic field, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with knowledge from related domains. The same can be said for study in the School of Political Science and Economics, which consists of three departments: Political Science, Economics and Local Governance. Our curriculum offers specialized courses as well as the opportunity for interdisciplinary study across a rich variety of subjects. In this way we cultivate individuals who can work from multiple perspectives and with broad range of expertise.
Fostering internationalized students serves as one of our key aims. The School of Political Science and Economics was one of the first in Meiji University to focus on internationalization. Our faculty offers the highest number of study abroad programs and offers exclusive programs such as the Advanced Communicative English Program (ACE) for practical English education, as well as the Double Degree Program, which enables students to obtain degrees from both Meiji University and our partner overseas universities. In this increasingly globalized society, simply honing language skills is not sufficient to compete on equal terms with international experts and professionals. Only with the possession of specialized knowledge in politics and economics along with the ability to communicate that knowledge effectively across language barriers can one truly excel in the international community. With this aim in mind, in 2022 we launched the Global Career Development Program (GCD) to cultivate professionals who can thrive on the global stage working in overseas companies and international organizations.
Adding to our numerous international education opportunities, our faculty is exploring the development of a diverse range of online programs. Our study abroad programs create excellent opportunities to learn languages in international settings; however, we see the potential benefit of establishing online learning programs in order to increase access to overseas experts in a practical, cost-effective way. Maintaining connections established during study abroad can be challenging once returning to one’s domestic home, so online platforms provide an avenue for continued interaction and cultural exchange. Personal connections developed through these platforms will meaningfully support the students’ ability to cultivate their networks and spread their wings to soar across international waters.
Despite managing a large faculty with over 1000 new students annually, we greatly value small group learning. Freshmen and sophomores can enroll in seminars focused on small group work and projects. In society, one needs to approach problems from various points of view. Collaborative work is the norm and one must effectively communicate their thoughts to others in an effective, convincing way. The small group setting serves, in a sense, as a microcosm of society. Learning closely together with peers nurtures essential competencies and cultivates the interpersonal skills necessary to effectively navigate the social and professional worlds.
The School of Political Science and Economics fosters a broad perspective, rich insight, the strength to forge ahead and the ability to collaborate in order to achieve results through cooperation. We commit ourselves to nurturing each and every student in these qualities through their academic experience so they can shine brightly as individuals.