Go Forward

Educational Policy and Education Goals

The School of Political Science and Economics was founded under the philosophy of “economics cannot be understood without an understanding of politics, and that politics cannot be understood without an understanding of economics.” This philosophy is still a guiding principle in comprehending the complicated society in our increasingly globalized age. On this basis, we set the fostering of highly intelligent professionals as our education goal. And our curriculum is created so as to enable students to organically learn about societies and cultures in addition to politics, economics and public administration.

To satisfactorily achieve the education goal mentioned above, we welcome students who are backed by wide-ranging education (wide range of various academic disciplines, including politics, public administration, economics, sociology, studies on history, thought and culture, and area studies) and are aiming to become vigorous international personalities.

Efforts in Learning in High School or Other Educational Facilities Expected of Applicants for Enrollment

As basic academic skills, all subjects to be learned in high school are essential to the understanding of politics, economics, public administration, society and culture. If you lack a full understanding of matters to be learned in high school, you need to learn about such things by yourself using study-aid books in addition to taking classes at the university.

Entrance subjects for the School of Political Science and Economics include foreign language examination, and after enrollment, taking courses in two or more languages is made compulsory. In addition to foreign language classes in the first and second years, there are courses in reading of original texts for third-year students. This is because to understand politics, economics, public administration, society and culture, learning about them in a foreign language is very important. In addition, in the School of Political Science and Economics, many students are taking advantage of opportunities for short-term study abroad, and various classes taught by native speakers of foreign languages. With respect to English, students are obligated to take TOEIC every year. We provide some support for students who wish to take TOEFL. Environments for ambitious students to acquire a high level of linguistic ability are provided.

In modern society, we are surrounded by a flood of information, and numerical knowledge is sometimes required. Nowadays, statistical processing and numerical senses are required not only for the study of economics, but also for an understanding of politics, public administration, etc. Therefore, to have completed mathematics II and mathematics B in high school is desirable.

Because many of the exams at the end of the semester are essay exams, basic verbal aptitude is also necessary. To participate in seminars each of which involves only a few students, each student is expected to listen to other people talk, to adequately express opinions, and to have discussions, and therefore required to have basic communication skills.