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大六野 耕作

A message from the president regarding the military aggression of Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, the government of the Russian Federation launched a unilateral military aggression of Ukraine using overwhelming military power. It has been reported that numerous civilians in Ukraine, including children, have been affected and victimized by the war.

Under its founding principles of "Rights and Liberty”, “Independence and Self-government”, Meiji University is unable to tolerate this military aggression by the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation is ignoring the rights and liberty of the people of Ukraine and is attempting to overwhelm the autonomy of Ukraine by military force.

We at Meiji University strongly call for an immediate ceasefire and for a peaceful solution to be sought through negotiations. Further, we have great sympathy for those people in both Ukraine and Russia who are expressing disapproval of this illegal aggression.

March 2 2022
Kosaku Dairokuno
President, Meiji University