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Estimated Expenses during the Exchange Period

Exchange students are exempted from paying tuition to Meiji University in accordance with relevant exchange agreements (inter-university and inter-departmental agreements).

Living Expenses (Average amount of expenses for one month)

Students must pay their own living expenses such as housing, transportation, insurance, student health insurance, textbooks and notebooks.
The example below is an average expense estimate for one month.

International House (IH) Komae IH  ¥48,000   /   Izumi IH  ¥53,000
Housing facilities outside campus ¥70,000 or more
(additional expenses include rent deposit, key money, and intermediary fee to the real estate agent at the time of the contract, and money for purchasing furniture.)
Transportation approximately ¥10,000 - ¥20,000
Food approximately ¥30,000 or more
Utilities (electricity, water, gas) approximately ¥10,000 or more
Phone bills approximately ¥8,000
Student health insurance (per year) ¥2,500
National health insurance (per month) approximately ¥1,500
Books and textbooks ¥10,000 or more
Household items and sundries ¥20,000 or more