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Nakano Campus Study Support Corner

Study Counseling Service by Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants (TA) of the School of Global Japanese Studies and the School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences will provide the following study counseling services to all students at the Learning Lounge located on the 1st floor of the high-rise Wing. 

・Correcting reports written in Japanese andother languages.
・Advising on how to study for math subjects and other assignments. For information subjects, advice will be focused on programming and equipment operation. (Support for information subjects will be held at the media classrooms.)

・Support for language study at lunch time during the normal class periods. 


Learning Lounge
At the Learning Lounge, language texts, speaking booth, media library, and audio-visual equipment can be used for e-learning, group study, or essay writing, etc. The Learning Lounge also functions as an “International Exchange Lounge” where staff members of the International Student Section will provide counseling to study abroad. In addition, international students can receive assistance studying Japanese or matters related to living in Japan, and all students are welcome to participate in events organized to enhance interaction between Japanese and foreign students.

Academic Support for International Graduate Students

At Nakano Campus, we provide Japanese essay proofreading service for foreign graduate students. For more information about this service, please check the bulletin board on the 1st floor. 

Nakano Campus Office

TEL: 03-5343-8013