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Graduate School of Global Business becomes EPAS Accredited

Feb. 24, 2018

Meiji University Graduate School of Global Business (Meiji Business School=MBS) has now become EPAS Accredited from February 20, 2018.  MBS is the first part-time MBA course in Japan which has become EPAS Accredited, with the support and initiative of the Meiji University Grand Design policies implemented by the President of Meiji University.

MBS has an objective to develop 3 types of talent described as follows,
   1. Foster managers, successors, and support human resources
       for the development of Family Business.
   2. Foster human resources who are responsible for Start-up Business and innovation, also including company's
       internal new Business and Start-up.
   3. Foster general managers with a global perspective mainly on Asia.  In other words, we will produce human
      resources who can demonstrate leadership in various organizations, including corporate executives, senior
      executives, successors, and new business leaders.

The compulsory courses contain fundamental content to maintain a constant level of business analytical skills and key vocabulary.  With this base, students can map their learning path by referring to the 5 areas (finance, marketing, management, accounting, real estate) or to the Cluster course programme (Family Business Cluster or the Start-up Business Cluster) to meet their individual needs including the skills to operate in Japanese business culture.

With educating professionals in Family Business management, Start-up Business management and fostering globally competent general managers as the MBS mission, MBS strives to deliver content that matches the widely diverse levels and interests of students.

Please access the EFMD webpages for detailed information on EPAS.