Meiji University Library

Ikuta Library

Ikuta Library plays an important role in the everyday life of the Ikuta Campus, surrounded as it is by lush greenery. Built in 1969, the Ikuta Library has a long history. A characteristic of the library’s space is its blending of Japanese cultural traditions with modern architecture. The library's collection is made up mainly of natural science books catering to the needs of undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty in the School of Science and Technology and the School of Agriculture. Ikuta Library was built in 1969, and the current building is the result of extension and reconstruction in 1988. In July 1995, the Ikuta deposit stack was installed.

Reading Room

In addition to the four reading rooms encompassing the first to fourth open stacks, there is one dedicated reading room. Available seating totals 716. OPACs are available for use in each area, and stored materials can be retrieved.

Stack Room

Users can freely access the stack room. As with the open access books, users are free to browse and borrow materials without undertaking any procedures. The B1F library houses back issues of journals, oversize books, art books, and books on architecture, while the B2F library mainly houses old books.

PC Locker

There are 70 laptops available for loan in the Ikuta Library. Users can take PC laptops out of the PC lockers by using their student ID card or faculty staff ID card. However, users can not take PC laptops out of the library.

Newspapers Corner

 There are 25 newspapers available to read, including the Asahi Shimbun, The Yomiuri Shimbun, non-Japanese newspapers, and sports newspapers. Newspapers are moved to the archive every 1-2 months.

Newspaper List

National newspapers / Sports newspapers
Newspaper title Retetio period
Asahi Shimbun  1 year
The Yomiuri Shimbun 1 year
The Mainichi 1 year
The Sankei News 1 year
Nihon Keizai Shimbun 1 year
Nikkan Sports 1 year
Sports Nippon 1 year
Local newspapers
Newspaper title Retetio period
Kanagawa Shimbun 2 year
Specialist newspapers
Newspaper title Retetio period
The Chemical Daily 2 year
The Science News 2 year
The Environmental News 2 year
Kaki-Engei Shinbun 2 year
The shukan dokushojin 2 year
The book review press 2 year
Non-Japanese Language newspapers
Newspaper title Country Retetio period
The Japan Times Japan 1 year
The Japan times on Sunday Japan 1 year
The Japan times alpha Japan 1 year
New York Times USA 1 year
New York Times book review USA 1 year
People's Daily China 1 year
China Times Taiwan 1 year
The Korea Times South Korea 1 year
Quinzaines: Lettres, Arts et Idées France 1 year

Corner for Reading Periodicals

 We have a variety of new publications, both domestic and foreign. A number of electronic journals are also available for reading.

Group Study Room

 There are 6 group study rooms of various sizes. Users can freely move around the rooms in order to talk with others and thereby promote learning through discussion. Users can also make use of PCs, projectors, or other devices to prepare for presentations. Please check in at the circulation counter to make use of these facilities.

Faculty cubicles

 There are three faculty cubicles situated at the back of the first floor. This service is available only to faculty.
Please check in at the circulation counter to reserve a cubicle.

Floor Map


 This is a space where visitors to the Library can drop by anytime and enjoy the facility.

Guidance Sessions

 Ikuta Library guidance sessions provide users with information on general library usage and guidance on how to collect information. If you have any questions or wish to apply for a guidance session, please contact us at the reference counter.

Library Guidance for Seminar Groups
*User Guidance
These sessions explain how to use Library facilities, how to arrange materials for specific subjects, and how to search OPAC and external databases while taking a tour around the library.
*Information Retrieval Guidance
This course provides practical training in general information retrieval such as how to find journal articles and how to use specific databases.

Information Retrieval Seminars
Seminars will be held as needed to deal with specific themes. These include basic search methods such as how to find books and journals, how to search for articles using databases, how to search for various materials in English (Including databases and electronic journals), and how to search for materials by field, such as information on Chemistry.

Access to the Ikuta Library