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Changes in handling the issuing of certificates

May 01, 2020

To Students, graduates, and personnel managers at corporations and other organizations

Meiji University
Changes in handling the issuing of certificates

Meiji University has taken measures to restrict enrollment, suspend contact services. This is in accordance with the government's declaration of a state of emergency, in response to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID -19). In line with this, the working system of employees has been drastically changed, and the procedures below will be followed for issuing various types of certificates.
Furthermore, due to the extraordinary situation we all face it will take more time than usual for certificates to be issued. This may lead to delays in the submission of certificates by our students and graduates. We sincerely apologize in advance to companies and organizations concerned for any inconvenience that such delays may cause and ask for your kind understanding and consideration.

1. Period covered
  April 8, 2020 - May 6.
       May 7, 2020 - May 24.
  *Depending on the future situation, the period may be extended.

2. Handling the issuing of certificates
  Applications are not accepted at the counter. All automatic machines for issuing certificates will cease to operate.
  *For information on specific applications and alternative methods of issuance, please check your faculty or graduate school website.

[Faculty and graduate school websites]
 *Please check the website of the Certification Courses Office for certificates related to certification courses, such as teaching certificates.
School of Law *Japanese Only
○School of Commerce [Students / Graduated] *Japanese Only
School of Political Science and Economics*Japanese Only
School of Arts and Letters*Japanese Only
School of Science and technology*Japanese Only
School of Agriculture *Japanese Only
School of Business Administration*Japanese Only
School of Information and Communication *Japanese Only
School of Global Japanese Studies
School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences *Japanese Only

Graduate School
Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of Commerce, Graduate School of Political Science and Economics, Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Graduate School of Information and Communication, Graduate School of Humanities, Graduate School of Global Governance*Japanese Only
Graduate School of Science and technology *Japanese Only
Graduate School of Agriculture*Japanese Only
Graduate School of Global Japanese Studies
Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences *Japanese Only

Professional Graduate School
Graduate School of Governance Studies*Japanese Only
Graduate School of Global Business*Japanese Only
Graduate School of Professional Accountancy *Japanese Only
○Juris Doctor Course (Law School) [Students / Graduated] *Japanese Only

○Please check the student life page "group student discount" for group student discounts. *Japanese Only