Go Forward

Message from the Director General

Go forward in a Meiji University-like way

The source of higher education at universities lies in research. Universities are exposed to various kinds of external evaluations in a competitive environment, and each university is required to present its own or unique education and research and to implement them concretely.
Against this backdrop, the Meiji University Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Properties was established under the President of the University in May 2005 to build a system that promotes research that shows the characteristics of Meiji University and returns its outcomes to society under the “Shikon” (bluish-purple) flag. At present, with the aim of branding research at Meiji University through co-creation, we are promoting measures to make Meiji University a base for collaborative research that transcends national borders as well as promoting international-standard research. The Research Planning and Promotion Headquarters and the Research Extension and Intellectual Property Headquarters have been established within this Organization. The former is an organization that plans and implements concrete measures to invigorate our research, including the creation of new university research. The latter functions as a liaison that links universities and society in order to return our intellectual assets to society. Specifically, it intends to develop and expand approved TLOs and incubation centers.
As society as a whole becomes more internationalized, research activities at universities are receiving various requests from society. In order to disclose research results and return them to society, we will broadly disseminate information on the contents and achievements of our research.
In the hope of obtaining more access to this website from inside and outside the University as our research activities become more active, we will further enhance the contents of this website.

Director General, Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Properties