Go Forward

Meiji University International Institute for Materials with Life Functions

Project Summary

Japan is promptly dashing into the super-aged society among advanced nations. Quality of life (QOL) will be at the top of the agenda in a future super-aged society. Development of the materials with life functions promises to make a major contribution to the field of medicine and more comfortable life for many seniors.

“Meiji Cluster for Materials with Life Functions” was established by expanding the useful results of research on the “Advanced Medical Materials Development Research Unit” as one of the “Designated Research Projects Units” in the Meiji University. Up to now, the high performance biomaterials and scaffolds for tissue engineering have been created in the present unit via the “Private Universities Foundation for the Development of Fundamental Research Strategies” entitled “Development of Next-generation Regenerative Medicine Process Using Biomaterials with Life Function on the Basis of Vertical Integration System”.

In the present Meiji Cluster for Materials with Life Functions, we will promote to develop the materials with life functions, leading to “extending of the healthy life expectancy”, as a proposition of “How can we bring artificial to life?”