Research at Meiji University

Research at Meiji University

Meiji University has established the Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Properties (hereinafter referred as “the Organization.”) in 2005 to aim at becoming the top university of the world, to promote international-standard research by developing research bases in areas of focus, to promote globalization of research and to broadly distribute research results to society.

The head of the Organization is the President and the Organization consists of the Research Planning and Promotion Headquarters, which is responsible for the planning / preparation and implementation of research policy, and Research Extension and Intellectual Property Headquarters, which promotes industry-government-academia activities.

There are following research institutes affiliated to this Organization:

Special Institute for Research Promotion Research Cluster Affiliated Research Facilities Designated Research Projects Units 2013

The Organization will continue to work towards the activation of research activities as a nucleus which bears research at this university, and continue to return its research achievements back to society.

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