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【日本語教育センター】 日本語短期研修プログラム(冬期)を実施しました/[Japanese Language Education Center] Meiji University Japanese Language Program Winter 2018 Held

明治大学 国際教育事務室




明治大学日本語教育センターでは、2019年2月5日から2月20日までの16日間の日程で「日本語短期研修プログラム(冬期)<Meiji University Japanese Language Program Winter 2019>」を実施しました。





Meiji University Japanese Language Education Center offered the Meiji University Japanese Language Program Winter 2019 over a 16-day schedule from February 5 to 20. This marked the 18th time the program has been held, and on this occasion, 51 students gathered from 11 countries. The program provided fulfilling and productive training in an international atmosphere, despite the short period of time.

The program comprises of Japanese language classes and field studies/activities. In the Japanese language classes, participants learned “living” Japanese depending on their levels while the field studies/activities saw participants experience Tea Ceremony Lecture in addition to the Kimono Dressing experience, which is always a popular activity, enabling them to learn Japanese culture while having fun.

Additionally, there is a system in place in this program where Meiji University Japanese student supporters to fully back up the participants. On this occasion also, an environment was provided for participants to engage in exchange with Japanese students while using “living” Japanese, through their participation in Japanese Language Classes, taking the lead in field studies/activities, and life advice. Excursion to Kamakura and Kawagoe, and Mt Takao climbing were also arranged by the supporters, facilitating natural exchange between the students.

Although it is brief in duration, this program held for individuals who wish to visit Japan and learn Japanese places an importance on putting the Japanese learned to actual use in one’s own personal experiences. Going forward, we will continue to further enhance course content to make the program even more effective at experience-linked Japanese language acquisition.