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【日本語教育センター】オンライン日本語短期プログラム(夏期)を実施しました/[Japanese Language Education Center] Meiji University Online Intensive Japanese Language Program Summer 2022 Held

明治大学 国際教育事務室




 明治大学日本語教育センターでは、2022年8月22日から9月10日に、「オンライン日本語短期プログラム(Online Intensive Japanese Language Program Summer 2022)」を実施しました。世界16か国から38名の留学生が参加しました。
Meiji University Japanese Language Education Center held the Meiji University Online Intensive Japanese Language Program Summer 2022 from August 22 to September 10, 2022. A total of 38 students from 16 countries/regions participated in the program.  
This program focuses on interactive Japanese language learning using the online conferencing system (Zoom). The program consists of Japanese language classes, exchange events hosted by students in Meiji University, office hours to support independent study, and Japanese Culture experience sessions. This program gave a valuable opportunity for students from all over the world to experience Japan, the Japanese, and the Japanese language. 
One of the highlights of this program was the Japanese cultural experience sessions, which covered Zazen, Ninja, Rakugo. Although these sessions were conducted online, various hands on activities were included and many participants stated that they were able to enjoy learning and experiencing Japanese culture.
 In addition, this program has a system in place where Japanese student supporters from Meiji University, together with teachers, provide full support for the participants' Japanese language learning. Aside from supporting Japanese classes and office hours, supporters contributed to have a deeper exchange during the exchange events by playing various games together and talking about each other. Although it was a short time, it was a learning program for both participants and supporters. 
We will continue to enhance the course content to make this program not only a Japanese learning program but where students from Japan and other countries can learn from each other.