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「さくらサイエンスプログラム オンライン大学訪問」を開催しました

明治大学 国際連携事務室

明治大学は、20221217日(土)に、国立研究開発法人科学技術振興機構(JST)とともに、オンラインイベント「さくらサイエンスプログラム オンライン大学訪問」を開催しました。 



On Saturday, December 17, 2022, Meiji University, together with the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), held an online event, ”Sakura Science Exchange Program
Online University Visit“. The event was attended by many participants, mainly high school and university students from the Asia-Pacific region and other countries around the world.

In the program, following the introduction about Meiji University, a talk session by three international students, a special lecture by Professor Notomi in the School of Science and Technology, and a Q&A session were streamed from the Surugadai Campus of Meiji University. Participants asked many questions during the program through Q&A box of the ZOOM webinar, making it a valuable opportunity to have those attendees understanding about studying in Japan as well as about Meiji University.

The video of this program will be available on the JST website at a later date. Please take a look at it.


大六野学長によるWelcome Speech/Welcome Speech by President Dairokuno大六野学長によるWelcome Speech/Welcome Speech by President Dairokuno

納冨教授によるSpecial Lecture/Special Lecture by Professor Notomi納冨教授によるSpecial Lecture/Special Lecture by Professor Notomi

Q&Aの様子/Q&A sceneQ&Aの様子/Q&A scene

登壇者のみなさん/Faculty members and students as speakers登壇者のみなさん/Faculty members and students as speakers