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【日本語教育センター】日本語短期研修プログラム(冬期)を実施しました/[Japanese Language Education Center] Meiji University Short-term Japanese Language Program Winter 2023 Held

明治大学 国際教育事務室





 明治大学日本語教育センターでは、2023年2月6日から2月17日まで、「日本語短期研修プログラム(冬期) / Short-term Japanese Language Program Winter 2023」を実施しました。


Meiji University Japanese Language Education Center held the Meiji University  Short-term Japanese Language Program (Winter 2023) from February 6 to 17 2023.

This program was held face-to-face for the first time in three years  and attended by 29 international students from 11 countries.
The program consisted of "Japanese Language Classes," "Project Work," and "Cultural Experiences". It was a very fulfilling training program although it was only two weeks long.

In "Japanese Language Classes," students were divided into two classes (Elementary and Intermediate) and focused on improving their oral skills.
During "Project Work," each group decided a theme and content, created a short movie with Japanese narration, and presented it on the last day.
Furthermore in "Cultural Experience," participants deepened their interest in and understanding of Japanese culture through a Zen meditation  experience at Kenchoji Temple in Kamakura and pruduction experience at the Suginami Anime Museum.

In addition, students from Meiji University participated in this program as "student supporters" and provided full support to the participants throughout the program.
Aside from providing support for Japanese language study, but also worked together to create videos for Project Work and played various games together at Exchange MTG, which provided an opportunity for great growth through working together and cooperation with each other . 
We will continue to enhance the course content to make this program not only a Japanese learning programbut where students from Japan and other countries can learn from each other.