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The COLS library collection includes more than one thousand books containing reports on archeological excavations, journals and bulletin reports related to archeology, geology and analytical chemistry. If you would like more information regarding our library catalogue, please contact us by e-mail or telephone in English or Japanese.


This library is available to anyone from researchers to administrative officers. However, the purpose of use is restricted to academic or scientific research.


Use of the library is limited to reference only. The borrowing of books and copy services are not available. However, bulletin reports published by the COLS are available for free. If you have any paper or book requests with regard to bulletin reports, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. We can send these to you by e-mail (i.e., PDF version) or by delivery service, unless the items are out of stock.

Facilities in head office

  1. Polarization microscope: Leica DM2500P, DFC295
  2. Diamond saw: Maruto MC-420; Struers Discoplan TS, Accutom 50
  3. Grinder: Maruto Power lap, Maruto lap, Dialap Ace
  4. Crushing machine: Fritsch P-1 Model II
  5. Automatic mortar: Ishikawa ABG type
  6. Digital scale: A&D GH-202
  7. Ultrapure Water Systems: Millipore Direct-Q UV
  8. Electric furnace: Thomas TMF-5, ETTAS EO-300B

View of the COLS library