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Central Library

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The Central Library on the Surugadai Campus

Central library

The Central Library was built to commemorate the "120th Anniversary of Meiji University". It opened in March 2001 within one wing of Liberty Tower, which became a new symbol of Meiji University. In 2002, Meiji University received the 18th Japan Library Architecture Award from the JLA. The library boasts well-equipped facilities, a beautiful interior, and seating for more than 1,200 readers. It is connected to the 100th Anniversary Library and is one of the leading private university libraries, containing both specialized and basic materials in the humanities and social sciences, including approximately 15,000 journal titles.

(1F) Gallery, Newspaper Corner, Reference Area, etc.

Central library

The entrance hall has a newspaper corner and a gallery. Our valuable university collections are open to the general public in the gallery.

central library

In the reference corner there are encyclopedias, specialized dictionaries, dictionaries from various countries, yearbooks, and white papers. The reference counter accepts various reference questions such as consultations about materials, ordering of materials from other universities, and issuance of letters of introduction to visit other university libraries. We can also introduce various databases, instruct how to use them, and provide seminars. Please feel free to ask the reference staff at the counter.

central library

There is a PC locker that accommodates 70 laptops. If you touch the reader with your student ID card, you can borrow a laptop to use for writing reports, use e-journals and e-books. You can also connect to Wi-Fi and freely access information on the Internet.

(B1) Japanese journals / Newspaper area, Multipurpose Hall

central library

There are Japanese academic journals and newspapers. The back numbers and the latest issues of the journals are all in the same place. There are also past editions of newspapers and reduced editions. Foreign academic journals and bulletins of other universities can mainly be found in the stack room that can be accessed freely next to the circulation counter on B2. In addition, there is a PC locker that accommodates 70 laptops.

central library

Magazines are on the current bookshelf.

central library

There is Multipurpose Hall where lectures and classes are held. The hall is open as a reading room when lectures and other activities are not taking place.

(B2) Area for social science books

Books in the field of the social sciences and industrial studies are available here. In addition to seating for reading, there are Group study rooms, and a “Rodin” room where you can study in a quiet environment in a personal study cubicle.

Circulation counter is a contact point for borrowing and returning materials, receiving delivery materials from other campus libraries and reserved materials, applying for use of group study rooms and applying for using microforms. Next to the Circulation counter, there is an entrance (passageway) to the Stack Room.

Each group study room has a laptop, a large display, and a whiteboard. Please use this room for group learning.

(B3) Area for books on the Humanities / Natural Sciences

Here you will find books in the fields of humanities and natural sciences. There is also a map room, a microform room, a group reading room, and compact storage.

In the microform room, there are two microfilm readers. To use microforms, you need to make a reservation for a microform reader. Please apply at the circulation counter on B2.

The compact storage facility is an electric bookshelf. You can freely enter and pick up the materials you need. Here you will find books on company history and the "Meidai Bunko", a collection of books related to Meiji University.

100th Anniversary Library Stack Room

You can access the stack room easily from the circulation counter on B2. The stack room is divided between B2 and B3 floors and each floor consists of two-story book-shelving. There are university bulletins, foreign journals, Japanese books, and foreign books. If you get lost in the stack room, the blue light will guide you to the exit.

Foreign books are in the stack room on B3. Please take the elevator in the stack room to go to B3.

PC usable area, Laptops for loan

PC usable area
The areas where you can use your computer are listed below. You can bring your own computer and use it, or you can borrow a computer from a PC locker. Wi-Fi is available.

Floor PC usable area
1F Available throughout the floor. There is a PC locker.
B1 Available throughout the floor. There is a PC locker.
B2 Available in the reading room and group study rooms. Not available in the “Rodin room”.
B3 Available in the Map room and group reading room. Not available in the reading room.
Laptops for loan

You can borrow a laptop that can be used in the library. You can take it out by yourself using your student ID card or faculty / staff ID card from the PC lockers on 1F and B1. These laptops cannot be taken out of the library.

Group study rooms / Group reading rooms

Group study rooms on B2

The group reading rooms on B2 have a laptop, a large display, and a whiteboard. They are rooms where three or more people can study together and discuss their work. There are 2 rooms with a capacity of 14 people each and 1 room with a capacity of 26 people. You can apply for use at the circulation counter on B2. Rooms can be used for up to 2 hours at a time. Reservations can be made up to one month before use.

Please refer to the Central Library Opening Calendar for the service hours of the group study rooms.
Group reading rooms on B3

The group reading rooms on B3 are spaces where two or more people can study and discuss their work. No advance reservation is required. To use them, please apply at the circulation counter on B2.


The Central Library provides information on general usage and information useful for collecting information. If you have any questions or wish to apply, please contact us at the reference counter on 1F.
Information retrieval
We hold various guidance sessions such as corporate information retrieval seminars for job hunting and guidance for writing reports. Dates and details will be announced via the library news, Twitter, Oh-o! Meiji, and in other ways. If want to know anything about the guidance sessions, please ask us at the reference counter.
Group guidance
To apply for a guidance session please specify the desired date and time for a group such as seminar members or friends. The content of the session will be arranged according to your wishes, focusing on the topics that are covered in the information retrieval course.
Tour for Seminar Classes
We will explain the facilities and usage of the library, such as the location of specific subject materials, the search method on OPAC and the use of online databases, while walking around the library. In addition, we will use the database, explain and provide practical training by showing you how to search for journal articles, newspaper articles, company information and legal information. The content of the tour will be decided through mutual consultation.

List of newspapers

Below is a list of newspapers currently available at the Central Library. These newspapers are stored in the newspaper storage area on B1 and the stack room on B2. You can read the latest newspapers (marked with an asterisk* in the list below) at the newspaper corner on 1F.
National newspapers / Specialty newspapers / Political party newspapers / Sports newspapers
*The latest issues of newspapers are stacked in the newspaper corner on 1F.
Newspaper title Retetio period
Asahi Shimbun * until reduced edition arrives
Yomiuri Shimbun * until reduced edition arrives
Mainichi Shimbun * until reduced edition arrives
Sankei Shimbun * 1 year
Nihon Keizai Shimbun * until reduced edition arrives
Nikkei Business Daily * until reduced edition arrives
Nikkei Marketing Journal * until reduced edition arrives
Nikkei Veritas * 1 year
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun * 1 year
Akahata until reduced edition arrives
Komei Shimbun 1 year
Shakai Shimpo 1 year
Nikkan Sports * 3 months
Sports Nippon * 3 months
Meidai Sports 1 year
Local newspapers
*The latest issues of newspapers are stacked in the newspaper corner on 1F.
Newspaper title Reretio period
Hokkaido Shimbun * 1 year
Akita Sakigake Shimpo * 1 year
Kahoku Shimpo * 1 year
Fukushima Mimpo 1 year
Fukushima Minyu Shimbun 1 year
Ibaraki Shimbun * 1 year
Shimotsuke Shimbun * 1 year
Jomo Shimbun * 1 year
Saitama Shimbun * 1 year
Chiba Nippo * 1 year
Kanagawa Shimbun * 1 year
Tokyo Shimbun * 1 year
Shizuoka Shimbun * 1 year
Hokkoku Shimbun * 1 year
Shinano Mainichi Shimbun * 1 year
Chunichi Shimbun * 1 year
Kyoto Shimbun * 1 year
Kobe Shimbun * 1 year
Chugoku Shimbun * 1 year
Nihonkai Shimbun * 1 year
Shikoku Shimbun * 1 year
Nishinippon Shimbun * 1 year
Minami-Nippon Shimbun * 1 year
Okinawa Times * 1 year
Foreign language newspapers published in Japan
*The latest issues of newspapers are stacked in the newspaper corner on 1F.
Newspaper title Reretio period
Asahi Weekly 1 year
The Japan Times * until reduced edition arrives
The Japan Times on Sunday 1 year
Foreign Newspapers
Newspaper title Publication Reretio period
New York Times USA 1 year
New York Times Book Review USA 1 year
Wall Street Journal USA 1 year
The Times United Kingdom 1 year
Sunday Times United Kingdom 1 year
Financial Times United Kingdom 1 year
Observer United Kingdom 1 year
朝鮮日報 Korea 1 year
東亜日報 Korea 1 year
人民日報(北京版) China 1 year
人民日報(海外版) China 1 year
光明日報 China 1 year
中国文物報 China -
Frankfurter Allgemeine Germany 1 year
Die Zeit Germany 1 year
(Ekonomika i zhizn)
Russia 1 year
Russia 1 year
Российская газета
(Rossiiskaia gazeta)
Russia 1 year
Newspaper title Reretio period
Weekly Dokushojin -
Tosho Shimbun -
Nippon Kyoiku Shimbun 1 year
Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun 1 year
Kotsu Shimbun 1 year
Nippon Kaiji Shimbun 1 year
Fujin Minshu Shimbun 1 year
Kyoto Daigaku Shimbun 1 year
Nihon Daigaku Shimbun 1 year
Kyoiku Gakujutsu Shimbun 1 year
Koho Tokyo 1 year
Koho Chiyoda 1 year
Meiji Daigaku Koho until reduced edition arrives

Access to the Central Library

The Central Library is located in Liberty Tower on the Surugadai Campus.