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Borrowing / Returns / Renewals / Reservations / Copying / Microforms

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Borrowing materials

When borrowing materials, please bring your ID (or your library card) and the materials you want to borrow to the circulation counter. You can also check out materials by using the self-checkout machine.
Maximum number of materials and loan periods
User category Number of books Loan period (books)
Undergraduates 15 15 days
Graduates 30 1 month
Academic Staff (tenured, non-tenured) / Emeritus Professors 100 3 months
Administrative Staff / Visiting faculty / Lecturers (part-time) 60 2 months
Contract staff 10 1 month
Borrowing journals
Up to five Journals can be borrowed for up to three days. Journals that can be checked out have a call number starting with "P" and a library barcode on them.

Renewing loan periods

The due dates can be renewed twice within the loan period. However, if a book has been reserved it cannot be renewed. You can renew through the Portal Service, at the circulation counter or a self-checkout machine. If you wish to renew at the circulation counter or a self-checkout machine, please bring the book to be renewed. Journal loan periods cannot be renewed.

Returning materials

Please return materials you borrowed to the circulation counter or a book drop within the loan period. You can return them to any campus library.
Return by postal mail
If you cannot visit the library due to unavoidable circumstances, we also accept returns by postal mail. You will be responsible for the shipping costs. If the material is damaged due to an accident during mailing, you have to reimburse the library, so please pack it tightly before sending it. The library will not take any responsibility for damage to posted materials. Please access the contact list below for the library mailing address.

Reservation / Delivery request (Orders for library materials on other campuses)

You can make a reservation when the book you want to use is out on loan. Please make a reservation using the "Reserve" button on WebOPAC. You can also make a delivery request for library materials that are on other campuses to be sent to the library at which you are registered. Again, please use the "Reservation" button on WebOPAC to request a delivery. If the "Reserve" button is not available, you can apply at the circulation counter.


Please comply with the Copyright Law
Library materials can be copied in compliance with the Copyright Law. Please comply with the law by doing the following:
  • Copying permitted by the Copyright Law requires that the purpose of copying is for research.
  • It must be a copy of a portion of a published work.
  • Journal articles that have been published for a considerable time can be copied.
Copy machines
There are copy machines in each library, and you can make your own copies. Fill out the "Document Copy Application Form" attached to the copy machine and put it in the box provided. The fee for a B/W copy is 10 yen (tax included) per page and the fee for a color copy is 30 yen (tax included) per page. You can also use a copy card.


When using microforms such as microfilm and microfiche, you need to apply for use in advance. Please refer to the information below.
Application for use
Please apply at the circulation counter the day before you intend to use the facility. In addition, since we cannot prepare a large amount of microforms at once, please narrow down the years and volumes you need before applying.
Service hours
Weekdays: 9:00 - 21:00 / Saturdays: 9:00 - 18:00
You can use microforms for up to 2 hours at a time. But If the microreader is available, you can continue to use it beyond the time limit.
Printout fee
Printout of microforms is 11 yen (tax included) per page for affiliated users and 22 yen (tax included) per page for non-affiliated users. All printing is in B/W.