Meiji University Library

Portal Service

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Portal Service

The portal service allows you to check the status of your borrowing, reservation, and delivery request using your computer or smartphone. The following library services are also available through the portal service.
Renewing books
 You can extend the borrowing period of a book. However, the period cannot be extended if you have previously extended the lending period of a book that has been reserved or is overdue.
 You can make a reservation for books that are already being lent out, and borrow them when they become available. You can make a reservation by using the WebOPAC reservation system.
Reservation delivery
 You can request delivery of materials from one library to be delivered to another by using the WebOPAC reservation system.

How to login

  • Students, Academic Staff (tenured, non-tenured), and Lecturers (part-time) are required to log in to the portal service using own Meiji University Single Sign-On Account ID and password.
  • The login ID of other users is 11 digits of the library card number. The initial password is "Number of the stored phone number" (hyphenated). Be sure to change your initial password the first time you log in. If you do not know the password, please contact the circulation counter directly. For safety reasons, we do not accept inquiries by phone or email. If the library card has expired, the portal service cannot be used.


  • The Yamanote Line Private University Library Consortium, residents of Suginami-ku, Setagaya-ku and Kawasaki City cannot use the portal service.
  • Those who have overdue books can only use the service to check their usage status.
  • After using the service, please log off and close the window to protect your personal information.