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Mr.Daikuhara win the prize “Miyasaka Eiji Togariishi Jomon Cultural Prize”

The works of Mr.Daikuhara is characterized by systematic and synthetic studies for the stone tools of Jomon period. He is using a method of the positive study on the stone tools and analysing their form, function, using mode, kind of the employed raw material, mode of the lithic production and rates of the member ship relation for the typology of the pottery with them. His results can be appreciated much as a tractor for the research on the stone tools of Jomon period and a pioneer in the new field of Jomon culture study. He tries hard to elucidate the structure of the Jomon society by a using his detailed studies on the stones tools of Jomon period. We think, therefore, that his studies have to be worth granting the prize “Miyasaka Eiji Togariishi Jomon Cultural Prize”, which is in memory of the study of Mr.Miyasaka Eiiji who had tried to clear modes of activity and existence of Jomon people.