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MIND (Meiji University Integrated Network Domain)

about MIND

MIND (Meiji University Integrated Network Domain) is the general term for Meiji University's information network, whose main purpose is for education and research.
MIND is connected to both ISP and SINET (the network operated by National Information Institute), and is becoming a part of a large network.

At Meiji University, the MIND system provides various services. The system is organized in order to promote the smooth working and ongoing improvement of MIND.

Comceptual Map of the MIND Network Comceptual Map of the MIND Network

Important notes for using MIND

Use of the MIND network for purposes other than education, research and support of such objectives is restricted, unlike with other general providers. Users must comply with the rules prescribed by Meiji University.
These rules for MIND are explained plainly in the handbook or syllabus of each department as 'Guidelines and Conditions for using MIND'.

In addition, at the MIND Introductory Course which you are required to attend before starting to use MIND, matters which users are required to know including examples of past violations and 'netiquette' are explained.

MIND Introductory Course

What Are MIND Mobile Connection Services?