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MIND Introductory Course Information

MIND(Meiji University Integrated Network Domain) is the name of Meiji University's information network used for education and research. Some Meiji University information services cannot be used without first attending a MIND Introductory Course where you learn about the network's design and etiquette requirements. Services that involve using MIND for accessing off-campus services, such as using a PC in an information science and media class room to view outside websites, require attendance at a MIND Introductory Course.

How to take a course

All 4 Campus(Surugadai・Izumi・Ikuta・Nakano)

The guidance will be delivered online (Panopto).

Take the course at the following URL:

 MIND講習会 Introductory Course:Panopto
Leaning Period【April 6(Sat.) - May 6(Mon.)】

Freshmen of Spring Semester AY 2024 are automatically deemed to have completed the course through May 6, 2024, the grace period immediately after entering the school. Regardless of the actual status of the course, they can connect their smartphones and PCs to Wi-Fi and use the Internet from classroom PCs, etc. Be sure to complete the course during this period. If you do not attend this class on May 7, you will no longer be able to use the Internet. The video of the seminar will be continuously distributed after May 7, so please prepare the internet environment by yourself and take the course.

*On September 21, 2023, we revised the training method and the video of the seminar. 

Those who have completed the course prior to the revision will continue to be considered to have completed 

the course.


*It will take approximately 2 ~ 3 business days to complete the registration process.

*The progress has not reached 100%, and a perfect score was obtained in the confirmation test.

If you cannot, you will not be treated as a student. Be sure to take 100% and get a perfect score on the confirmation test.

*You can connect to the campus network (MIND) or Wi-Fi during the course, but you cannot connect after the period. Please use the internet environment to watch it by yourself.

*If you are unable to log into your Meiji University Single Sign-On Account and you are unable to access the attend page, please contact  Support Desk in the campus you attend and tell them that you cannot log into your Meiji University Single Sign-On Account. 

Contact details(Please replace [at] in email with @)

Izumi Support Desk



Surugadai Support Desk



Ikuta Support Desk



Nakano Support Desk



You can check from May 7 if you have already taken the course from below.
Regardless of your actual status of the course, ”Status ○” comes up pn the page Until May 7th.
Registration confirmation system:After taking MIND orientation class, you will be able to check your registration status.
Student check system (accessible only in campus):You can confirm whether you have taken MIND orientation class by entering your student number.

You can watch the video of the appendix that was not included in the MIND Introductory Course on Additional material page.
Watching is optional. If you're interested or want to learn more about information literacy, check it out.
[Topics] About e-mail etiquette, copyright, comic sites, point cards, etc.