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MIND Introductory Course Information

MIND(Meiji University Integrated Network Domain) is the name of Meiji University's information network used for education and research. Some Meiji University information services cannot be used without first attending a MIND Introductory Course where you learn about the network's design and etiquette requirements. Services that involve using MIND for accessing off-campus services, such as using a PC in an information science and media class room to view outside websites, require attendance at a MIND Introductory Course.

How to take a course

All 4 Campus(Surugadai・Izumi・Ikuta・Nakano)

1. e-meiji online guidance
Take the course at the following 
Required to take the course within March 31, 2023 (Fri).
(Note)* Please access to e-meiji on your home PC or from a network outside the university. If you want to take a course in university, please refer to "2. Take the course on DVD ".
*It will take approximately 1 ~ 2 business days to complete the registration process.
*If you don't take MIND orientation class and MIND orientation class doesn't appear in the list of courses, we will check your registration status.
Please write your student number, full name, "Request of registration for MIND orientation" and send an e-mail to the following address.
   sr_mind (at sign) ml.meiji.ac.jp ← Please replace (at sign) with @.     
2. Take the course on DVD
You can watch the lecture DVD at the following places. After watching the video, you have to answer the class confirmation question. It takes approximately 45 minutes.
Please bring your Student ID Card when you take the course.
Surugadai Campus
Please visit Media Library on the 7th floor of Building No.12 as needed.
Please check in at least 45 minutes before closing time of the media library.
Izumi Campus
Please visit Media Library on the 1st floor of the media building as needed.
Please check in at least one hour before closing time.
Ikuta Campus
Please visit Media Lounge on the 5th floor of Main Building as needed.
Please complete the reception between 9:00 and 16:30 from Monday to Friday.
Nakano Campus
Please visit Learning Lounge on the 1st floor of the high-rise Wing as needed.
Please check in at least 45 minutes before the Learning Lounge closes.