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Surugadai Campus

Liberty Tower
B1F North passage
1F Matsui Kousei hall, Lounge Marronnier, Liberty hall, North passage
2F Vending machines lobby, North passage
3F Instructor's waiting room, Elevator hall, North passage
6F-16F Elevator hall, North and South passage(cover the entire area of the floor)
19F Teaching practice room
21F Room No.1211,1212,1213,1214
Academy Common
B1F Museum library
1F Lobby
2F A1,A6 Meeting room
3F Academy hall
7F Fellowship salon
8F Fellowship salon, North passage
9F Fellowship salon, North passage
10F Fellowship salon, Instructor's room, North passage
11F Fellowship salon
Central Library
B1F Lounge, Reading room, Multipurpose room, Priority seats for calculator users
B2F Group study room1,2,3
B3F Group reading room
1F Reading room, Multimedia area, Reference room
Research Building
1F Alumni reading room
2F No.8 Meeting room, No.9 Meeting room
3F No.10 Meeting room
4F No.1 Meeting room, No.2 Meeting room, No.3 Meeting room, No.7 Meeting room, Teacher waiting room
Building No.12
1F Hall
4F Instructor's waiting room
5F 2054 classroom
7F Support Desk
8F Study room
Building No.14
2F Grad student common laboratory, Discussion room A-G
3F Grad student common laboratory(Block No.319-322)
4F Lounge, Grad student common laboratory, Discussion room 2-4
5F All area
University Hall
3F No.1 Meeting room, No.2 Meeting room
8F No.3 Meeting room, No.4 Meeting room
Global Front
1F Hall, Multi purpose room
2F Lounge, 4021 Classroom
3F Media Lounge, 4031 Classroom, 403A-403M
4F Discussion Area, Lounge, 404A-404P
5F C1 Meeting room, Instructor's waiting room
6F Lounge
7F C3 Meeting room, C4 Meeting room, Discussion Area
8F Meeting area
10F Meeting area, Common Laboratory
11F 411A
12F 412A, Discussion area, Meeting area
13F 413A, Discussino area
14F 414A, Meeting area
15F 415A, Common Laboratory
17F C5 Meeting room, C6 Meeting room, Global lounge, Lounge

Izumi Campus

Building No.1
B1F Passage, Common laboratory
1F Lounge, Office room, Learning support room
2F Elevator hall, North-East passage, 210, 211
3F Elevator hall, North-East passage
4F Elevator hall, North-East passage
5F Passage
6F No.1 Meeting room, Faculty hall
Building No.2
1F Passage
Building No.3
1F International lounge
Media Building
1F Lounge, Support Service, Instructor's waiting room
2F Study room(M203,M204), Media Lab., Hall
3F M301 classroom, M302 classroom, M303 classroom, M304 classroom, M305 classroom, M306 classroom
4F Lounge (west, east)
5F Lounge, Passage
6F Passage
7F Passage
No.1 Research Building
1F Meeing room, Instructor's waiting room
Gymnasium WEST
1F Kendo room, Climbing wall
2F Physical education teacher's room
3F Main hall, Sub hall
Gymnaium EAST
1F Sports room 11
3F Meijium Lounge
1F-3F All area
Liaison building
2F Instructor's waiting room, Seminar room No.1, Seminar room No.2, Study room

Ikuta Campus

Main Building
1F Hall
2F No.1 Meeting room, No.3 Meeting room, Faculty member room
3F Instructor's waiting room, All class rooms
4F All class rooms
5F Support Desk, 0501 classroom, 0506-0507 classroom, 0508 classroom, Media library(0505)
6F 0603 class room, 0609 classroom, Media hall, Media studio, 0606 classroom
Area 1, Building No.1
2F 120 Classroom, 127 Classroom, 128 Classroom
3F 132A Classroom, 132B Classroom, 135 Classroom, 136 Classroom
Area 1, Building No.2
1F Lounge, Instructor's waiting room, 101/106/107 Classroom
2F 200 Classroom
3F 300 Classroom, Hall
Area 1, Building No. 3
1F Meeting room
3F 307
4F 426 Classroom
Area 1, Building No. 4
1F 107 Classroom
2F 212 Classroom
3F 303 Classroom
Area 1, Building No. 5
1F Meeting room, Entrance hall, 105 Classroom
2F 203/204/206/207 Classroom
3F 304 Classroom
4F 404 Classroom
5F 504 Classroom
6F 604 Classroom
Area 1, Building No. 6
B1F Laboratory1/2/3, Break area
1F Seminar room 1/2, Break area
2F No1/No2/No3/No4 Classroom, No1 Classroom of agricultural department, Seminar room 3, Break area
3F Break area
4F Seminar room 4, Discussion area, Break area
Area 2, Building No. A
1F Lobby
2F A208 Classroom
4F Meeting room (A406,A410),Research meeting room(A403), Special presentation classroom(A417), Multimedia room(A401, A402)
5F General culture classroom meeting room(A510), Lounge
6F Lounge
7F Electronics and Bioinformatics meeting room(A715), Lounge
8F Lounge
9F Lounge
10F Lounge
11F Architecture meeting room(A1112), Lounge
Area 2, Building No. D
1F Entrance hall 1, Entrance hall 2
2F Lounge, Hall, Entrance hall, Research meeting room 2
3F Lounge, Hall, D305, D306
4F Lounge, Hall, D401, D402, D410, D411
5F Lounge, Hall, Applied Chemistry meeting room, D511, D512
6F Lounge, Hall, D610, D611
Area 2, Building No. 4
2F 4309 Classroom
Area 2, Building No. 5
2F West passage
Area 2, Building No. 6
2F Physics meeting room (6213)
5F Computer Science meeting room (6515), Computer Science drawing room (6506)
6F Mathematics meeting room (6606)
1F Group study room 4/6, Reading room, 3rd Open-area reading room, 4th Open-area reading room, Researcher private room C
2F 1st Open-area reading room, 2nd Open-area reading room, Multimedia area, Current periodicals reading area
3F Group study room 1,3
High Technology Research Center
1F Piloti
Cafeteria Square 21
1F Lounge
2F Dining hall
3F Dining hall
Student Center
2F Lounge
3F Lounge
Gymnastic hall
1F Instructor's waiting room

Nakano Campus

WIFI is available in all area.