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2021 academic year Nakano campus operation hours and Covid-19 related information

Nakano campus office and facilities operation hours
  > Valid from 2021.09.20.

Issue of certificates (School of Global Japanese Studies webpage)

○ Meiji University Covid-19 prevention measures
Meiji University Measures to Prevent the Spread of Infection and Restrictions on Entry to Campuses under Activity Restriction Guidelines
    Valid from 2021.07.12.
Meiji University special website on Measures against Novel Coronavirus Infections

Nakano campus measures against Novel Coronavirus Infections

○ When entering the Nakano campus
Nakano campus entry hours for AY2021
    Valid from 2021.09.20.
Nakano campus entrance map for AY2021
    Valid from 2021.09.20.

Keeping track of your campus visits with QR codes

○ Self study place for online study on campus
  > Self study place for online study on campus
    Valid from 2021.09.20.
  > Media classroom and 515, 516 self study room, open hours
    Valid from 2021.09.20.

○ Places to eat at the Nakano campus
  > Campus rules for eating on campus.  * In progress