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Collaboration Area

Collaboration Area

You can do group study in this area.

Eating and drinking is also allowed(but you cannot bring cafeteria food.)


There are 10 movable personal tables and 2 big comma-shaped tables that can be connected or separated for the group work.

You can also use whiteboards freely.

Reservation for Collaboration area’s tables can be made at the Reception Counter.

Rental Stationery

The following stationery items are available at the Reception Counter and can be used for a group work.

 •B1 sized paper

 •Aqueous markers

 •Color pencils

 •Pencil sharpener

 •Post-it notes

Media Library

There are many media teaching materials available, such as DVDs, Blu-rays and CDs that can be used for language learning.

In addition to media teaching materials that are displayed on Lounge's shelves, there are more which are listed in the special file at Learning Lounge and can be borrowed here.

You can also search for media teaching materials on this website here.

For watching borrowed DVDs, please use one of the 3 DVD booths in the Quiet Area.

*Student ID is required to use Media Library.


Easy search for DVDs at Nakano Learning Lounge

Color Printer

You can print out from rental PC or your personal computer. (PDF files only)
For printing, please log in with a Common Authentication System Account from this page.

Please refer to this page (bottom, note 2-3) for more details.
*Printer: Select "nk114-pr01c"(for double sided printing) or "nk114-pr01c-s"(for single sided printing).
*For printing one single sided color page you will be withdrawn 3 points.
*Nakano campus printers .

Copy Machine

You can make copies in A4/A3/B5/B4 paper sizes. (Color copies/double sided copies can be made too).

A copy card is required for using copy machines.

Printing from USB memory stick is also possible.

*You can purchase copy card at the Library (Low-Rise Wing 2F) and at the Cross-Field Lounge (High-Rise Wing 6F).

Comment Box

If you have any requests or comments, please leave a note in the Comment Box.