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Consultation Area

Consultation Area

This area gives students support with the following issues.

 •Study support by Teaching Assistants (TA)

 •Consultations for international students and counseling for study abroad by the staff in charge of International Exchange programs

 •Consultations regarding English learning given by the International Student Center teacher

 •Consultations and support from a study abroad counselor.

Study Support Corner

Study support is provided by graduate student Teaching Assistant (TA).
Please check here for more details such as consultation hours.


♦School of Global Japanese Studies

  We give guidance about how to study language courses and how to correct your reports.

  For international students, we provide guidance on correcting reports written in Japanese.

 ♦School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences

  We give advice on how to study Mathematics Basic subjects and how to tackle study tasks.

  For Information Basic subjects, we give support on how to operate devices and how to do programming.

 ♦Common to all Schools

  We provide support regarding language study mainly, during the whole Term of Classes including lunch time on weekdays.

We also help to create groups for foreign language conversations.

Consultations for International Students / Counseling for Study Abroad

This Corner provides the following assistance.

 •Living and study support for international students.

 •Promotion of exchanges and friendship events between international students and Japanese students.

We also consult students who are thinking of applying for study overseas or short-term programs, provide information about those programs, and organize information sessions about study abroad.

English Learning Advising Office Hour

A specially appointed International Student Center teacher gives consultations regarding learning English. 

 Please check here for consultation hours and other details. (Japanese only)

*Consultations are by appointment only

Study Abroad Consultation (Counseling)

A study abroad counselor from the International Student Center gives consultations (counseling) regarding study abroad.

Please check here for consultation hours and other details.

Students who made a reservation are given priority.