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Online Resources (Databases, E-Journals, E-Books)

Please read before using this service.

The library provides databases, e-journals, and e-books that are useful for research and study. This service is available only to students, academy staff (tenured, and non-tenured), administrative staff, and other researchers or staff affiliated with the university.

It is prohibited to download or print out a large amount of data, such as an entire journal, at once. In particular, the automatic downloading of large amounts of data using programs is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule may result in the suspension of the entire Meiji University service to the user concerned.

The number of simultaneous connections to databases

Some databases have an upper limit on the number of simultaneous connections. If you close your browser or the tab you were viewing after using the database, the connection will be maintained and the next user may not be able to use it until the connection is terminated by a timeout function. Therefore, please be sure to "logout" before closing the external database.

Accessing from off-campus, such as from home

Except for free databases, you must access databases from a computer connected to the Meiji University Integrated Network Domain (MIND). However, you can access some databases. For more details, please see “How to access from off-campus”.

Authentication (ID and password)

Before accessing some databases, you will be prompted with an authentication screen. To authenticate please enter your ID and password for your Meiji University Authentication ID (for students, full-time faculty, and specially-appointed faculty) or your library card ID and password (for part-time lecturers and research promoters, etc.). Please note that you do not need to log in to the databases that have their own logins.

For Guest Professors, Emeritus Professors, research promoters, and research supporters

For some databases, you need to apply to the library for use. Please check the description of the database you need to apply for. For details on how to apply, please refer to "Application for use of databases".

For part-time lecturers

Some databases can be used when it is necessary to use them for class purposes. Please check the description of the database you need to apply for. For details on how to apply, please refer to "Application for use of databases".

Table of Contents


E-journals, E-books, etc.

Search for articles (Japan)

Search for articles (International)

Find and Read newspaper articles

Find books

Economic, Business, and Corporate information

Laws and Precedents

Dictionaries / Encyclopedias


E-books and Full-text databases (Japan)

E-books and Full-text databases (International)

E-journals and E-magazines (Japan)

E-journals and E-magazines (International)

Application for use of databases

Emeritus Professors, Researchers (non-tenured), etc.
Please apply in advance to use some databases. Complete and submit the application to the Library.
Lecturers (part-time)
Please apply in advance to use some databases. Fill in the required information on the application form for the use of the database and submit it to the Library. Some databases that require an application form can only be used for classes. Please note that we don’t accept applications for use for purposes other than classes, such as research purposes.
Other Notes
  • To apply, a library card is required.
  • It will take several days from applying to start using databases.

Application for use of E-journal “ScienceDirect”

Unsubscribed articles on ScienceDirect can be used on a pay-per-view basis (the cost is borne by the library and is not borne by the user). You will need to apply to the library in advance, so please check the information below before applying to the library.
Target Users
Graduate students, Academic staff (tenured), Administrative staff, Researchers (non-tenured) *excluding Visiting Researchers.
Undergraduate students cannot apply, but by requesting at the reference counter, undergraduate students can get the PDF of an article free of charge.
Precautions for use
It costs 2,200 yen per article download. Users can download treatises needed for research or study. However, unnecessary downloads and multiple downloads of the same treatise are prohibited.
Details of application

How to access from off-campus

Access by VPN connection service
Those with "Off-campus: VPN" in the database description can be accessed from off-campus such as at home using the VPN connection service. When connecting via VPN, make sure that "Pulse Secure" is connected. In addition, students who have not attended the MIND Introductory Course cannot use the VPN connection service.
How to access by GakuNin
The contents of the databases that have "Off-campus: GakuNin" are compatible with the academic certification federation "GakuNin". The procedure for accessing from off-campus with GakuNin is set out below. Note that the description may differ depending on the platform.

  • Open the web site of the online service and select "Log in" or "Sign in".
  • Select logins such as: Institutional Login / Federated access / Sign in via your Institution / Access via Shibboleth / Access via Shibboleth.
  • If you are asked to select a federation, select "学認フェデレーション”GakuNin”" (日本Japan).
  • Select (or search) this university’s name such as 明治大学 / Meiji University / Meiji Daigaku in the selection, and log in.
  • The Meiji University integrated authentication web site will be displayed. Enter your ID and password, click "Login", and select "Agree to send information".