Meiji University Library

Guidance / Workshop

Guidance / Workshop

Guidance and Workshop are held at the libraries on each campus to help students master the use of the library and improve their library skills.

Central Library

The Central Library provides information retrieval workshops, group guidance, and seminar tours. For details of the content and how to apply, see the Central Library Guidance Guide.

Izumi Library

Izumi Library provides Library Guidance (information retrieval workshops) each seminar so that students can utilize a variety of information effectively during their first-year of education.

Ikuta Library

Ikuta Library holds seminars and guidance to help students find materials and information smoothly, as well as to make full use of various databases and information services.

Nakano Library

Nakano Library offers guided tours, introductory search methods, seminar guidance on how to use various databases, and information search workshops based on themes.