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そのため、研修に参加するためには,「English Seminar AⅠ・Ⅱ」および「留学基礎講座CⅠ」の受講が必須です。



ねらい  事前学習 事後学習/留学準備 配当学年
英語で法学を学ぶための語学力の向上 「留学基礎講座AI・ 
 — 1~4
「English Seminar AⅠ」  ★受講必須  「English Seminar AⅡ」
イギリス法の基本的知識の習得 「留学基礎講座CI」
  — 2~4



 The study of law is a great challenge, especially in a foreign language. To succeed, we all need inspiration to focus on our studies and put aside the constant distractions of modern life.

 In the “留学基礎講座(Legal Studies Abroad Course)” we seek to provide that kind of challenge. Our inspiration is the idea that the most effective study engages the student in realistic material, including the study of real cases that illustrate the operation of law in daily life.

 In 留学基礎講座A and B, all work is conducted in English. 留学基礎講座C is conducted in Japanese.

This overall goal of this course is to prepare students for the summer Law Course at the University of Cambridge. However, it is also suitable for students intending to study law abroad or pursue a legal career in an international context. This class is interactive and students should expect to participate actively!
1. Improving students' ability to listen to, read, write and talk about various aspects of the law in English.
2. Introducing university life in Cambridge
3. Offering two sample lectures in English and the chance to practice note-taking skills.
The language-focussed part of the course relies on material from two modern legal English coursebooks (Introduction to International Legal English and International Legal English) in order to cover the English necessary for discussion of the most central aspects of law.
Students will also be required to follow current affairs (i.e. read some newspapers), presenting law-related stories they find interesting and leading short discussions about them.

This course follows on from 留学基礎講座AI and prepares students for the Cambridge Summer Law Course. However, it is also suitable for any students potentially interested in pursuing an international legal career or studying law overseas.
1. Further development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in legal English
2. Regular quizzes to build vocabulary of key terms and collocations
Continuing from the AI course, we will work with the Introduction to Legal English textbook, providing English preparation for a broader range of legal topics.
The primary purpose of this course is to develop English language law vocabulary and study skills. It is appropriate for students who have already experienced study abroad or others with a substantial knowledge of English. We will use the coursebook “Introduction to International Legal English” which is used in Legal Study Abroad A. Our goal will be to continue near the point where that course finished in the preceding semester.
We will study and discuss a variety of materials to build legal vocabulary. Students should participate actively in classroom discussions. Students will be required to complete various short writing assignments related to topics studied in class. References in内容 below refer to Units of the coursebook.

The primary purpose of this course is to continue development of English language legal vocabulary and analytical and writing skills. We will build on skills learned through the Legal Study Abroad program and other English and American law programs.
Students should be actively involved in this course. We will study and discuss a variety of legal materials. Students will become familiar with common law analysis and argument and will learn techniques for writing effective legal memoranda and making presentations.
【Course Description】
 Students will learn basic legal ideas on English law in order to prepare for the University of Cambridge Pembroke College Summer Law Course. The course outline is provided in accordance with the core law lectures held at Pembroke.
【Course Objectives】
 Students will understand the English legal institutions and be able to utilize legal vocabulary and incorporate legal ideas on English law.
 Legal studies abroad preparatory course for the University of Cambridge Pembroke College Summer Law Course