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About Mobile Information Outlet Connection Service

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) makes use of network technology to connect any two points on the Internet in a way that makes an ordinary Internet link behave like a dedicated line, as if you were using a private instead of a public network.

When you use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)-VPN Connection Service, even if you access the Internet from home, from overseas, or from any other off-campus location, you can connect in an environment that is similar to a direct line to the Meiji University network (MIND).

This lets you do things like the following.

  1. Access is possible to a computer of MIND Access Level 1 or 2 (levels that ordinarily cannot be accessed from networks outside the university).
  2. Web pages accessible only from the university's internal network (campus-only links) can be accessed.
Note: VPN access to some online library services and outside database services is prohibited due to contract restrictions. For details see "Services Using Outside Databases(Japanese)."

What Is Required for Using SSL-VPN Connection Service?

The following conditions must be met in order to use SSL-VPN Connection Service.

  1. Your PC must support SSL-VPN.
    • With SSL-VPN, a web browser is used to make a VPN connection.
    • See "Supported Platforms" in Related Links for OS and web browser support.
  2. You must be signed up with an Internet service provider (ISP) and already connected to the Internet.
    SSL-VPN Connection Service is premised on your PC being connected to the Internet.

Account for Using SSL-VPN Connection Service

SSL-VPN Connection Service can be used with a Common Authentication System Account.

Students and faculty already have a Common Authentication System Account and need no further procedures when using SSL-VPN Connection Service. Note that students, however, must have attended MIND orientation.

Persons not having a Common Authentication System Account (mainly research promoters, research assistants, and visiting fellows) will need to apply separately for a MIND Mobile Account. See here for details.

Procedures for Use

  1. Perform setup operation on PC.
  2. Establish an SSL-VPN connection.
    1. Connect the PC to your ISP.
    2. After connecting, launch a web browser on your PC and connect to the Meiji University SSL-VPN server ( https://sslvpn.mind.meiji.ac.jp/ ).
    3. Enter the user name for the account used for an SSL-VPN connection (Common Authentication System Account or MIND Mobile Account).
    4. Once authentication is complete, click Start on the Network Connect menu
  3. When an SSL-VPN connection is successfully established, the PC will be able to make use of the same services as one connected directly to the MIND network in the university.
    • Access campus-only links, etc.
    • Access MIND Access Level 1 and 2 servers (file sharing, ssh, ftp, etc.)

Technical Information about SSL-VPN Connection Service

Technical Information
SSL-VPN server URL https://sslvpn.mind.meiji.ac.jp/
Authentication account Common Authentication System Account (or MIND Mobile Account)
DNS server Selected automatically (does not need to be designated)

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