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FAQ (Current students)

Here are frequently asked questions from current students. 

Campus life and registration

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Can I know about course registration rules in general?

Please refer to the "Course Registration Handbook" distributed each year. Make sure you refer to the handbook of the applicable academic year. You can download the handbook from here.

How do I register for quarter-length courses?

If you wish to register for quarter-length courses (S1/S2, F1/F2), the courses that complete in seven weeks, you have to process course registration during the spring course registration period. You cannot register for S2 or F2 courses in the middle of the semester.

Can I withdraw from courses that I already registered for?

SGJS has a system that allows you to officially withdraw from one or two courses you registered for if, for example, the contents have turned out to be different from what you wanted to study, or you wish to take fewer courses for personal reasons. You can withdraw from one or two courses conducted by SGJS. (You cannot withdraw from required courses, courses with maximum class size, and courses from other faculties.) We accept applications for course withdrawal in mid-May and mid-October. We will post details on Oh-o! Meiji when the dates get closer.

I forgot to register for fall courses during the registration period in the spring semester. Can I still register for courses?

You can make changes to your fall semester course registration in late September. However, there are some courses that you cannot add or delete in the fall semester. For details, please pay attention to Oh-o!Meiji announcements sent at the end of the spring semester.

Can I confirm if I fulfill graduation requirements?

Please check graduation requirements of your own responsibility. Read "English Track Catalog" carefully and make sure you obtain enough credits. If you have any questions about requirements, please come to the School Office.

What should I do if I missed classes or exams?

[Missing classes]
There is no system of "excused absences" for classes. If you missed a class for a special reason, such as having an illness or attending a funeral, please consult with your instructor directly.

[Missing final exams]
If you missed an exam during the final exam period due to an unavoidable reason such as illness or attending a funeral, you may apply for a make-up exam. Please follow required procedures.

Can I know course instructors' email addresses?

To protect personal information, the School Office cannot tell you their contact information. Most teachers make their contacts available by the following methods.

・Office Hour List (Oh-o!Meiji > Group > School of Global Japanese Studies)
・Oh-o!Meiji ClassWeb
・Faculty profile on website (English/Japanese)

If you cannot find your teacher's contact information above, the School Office can forward your email to them. Please send the following email to the School Office [gjs■mics.meiji.ac.jp](replace ■ with @).
・Course's name, date and period, and instructor's name
・Your year, class, number, student number, and name
・Inquiry for the instructor

Where can I consult about writing reports and study methods?

You can use study support service by TA (Teaching Assistant) at Nakano Campus Learning Lounge. For international students, they proofread Japanese reports. For details and schedules, please see this page.

Can I join faculty's office hours?

At SGJS, faculty members hold office hours where they accept inquiries about their classes, etc. You can download the office hour list on Oh-o!Meiji Group "School of Global Japanese Studies." You need to make a reservation to join the office hour.

Campus life and registration

Who do I contact when I am infected by COVID-19?

Please contact the School Office or complete the online form (Japanese only). If you miss a class, contact the course instructor directly. If you need assistance on contacting your instructor, contact the School Office.

How can I change address or phone number registered at Meiji?

When your registered address or phone number has changed, please come to the School Office as soon as possible.

What should I do if I have not received tuition payment information?

Meiji University sent the tuition payment sheet to your home address in the beginning of each semester. If you have not received the sheet after two weeks past the semester start, please contact the School Office [gjs■mics.meiji.ac.jp] so that we can send the sheet again. In the email, include your student number, name, and how you wish to receive the re-issued payment sheet (by postal mail or at School Office). If you need to change your registered address, please come to the School Office.

Can I request to extend the deadline for tuition payment?

You can extend the deadline by submitting a request form. For details, please contact the School Office.

Can the university issue receipt of tuition payment?

Please use the receipt issued by financial institutions as a proof of your payment. The university issues the receipt only if there are special circumstances. Please consult the School Office for details.

How can I take a Leave of Absence?

If you wish to take a leave of absence, complete the following procedures by the deadline.

1 Submitting request form and required documents
*Submit at least two weeks before the deadline.
*The required documents depend on your reason.

2 Payment of Position Fee
The university will mail you the payment sheet for position fee after you submit the necessary documents. 
Spring semester: May 31
Fall semester: November 20

Can I know about scholarships?

About scholarships for international students, please see here. If you have questions, please conatct International Student Office [iso■mics.meiji.ac.jp] (replace ■ with @).
About scholarships for students with Japanese nationality, please see here. If you have questions, please contact the scholarship office of Nakano Campus.

Can I know about application for student visa?

Please see information here. If you have any questions, please contact the International Student Office [cip■mics.meiji.ac.jp] (replace ■ with @).

Media support

What should I do when I cannot login to Meiji Mail?

You need to set up a multi-factor authentication. Please see the manual from this page. If you have questions, contact Nakano Support Desk.

How can I reset my password for Oh-o!Meiji system?

Please bring your student ID and come to No.1 counter at Nakano campus office.

How can I connect Wi-Fi on campus?

See information on this page. If you have any questions, please contact Nakano Support Desk.

How can I take MIND Introductory Course?

All students are required to complete the MIND Introductory Course in the beginning of their enrollment to use the university's network service. Please complete the course from here, or watch the DVD at Nakano Learning Lounge.