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留学経費の助成制度(明治大学外国留学奨励助成金)/ Meiji University Study Abroad Encouragement Subsidy

明治大学外国留学奨励助成金 / Meiji University Study Abroad Encouragement Subsidy



“Meiji University Study Abroad Encouragement Subsidy” is a scholarship to support students who participate either in a study abroad program with partner universities of Meiji University or in a self-arranged study abroad program certified by the School or Graduate School of Meiji University(認定留学). The scholarship will be provided to students who are selected by screening by Meiji University and its recipients are not required to refund it. Those who are going to apply for this subsidy must carefully read through the application guidelines and submit all the necessary documents by the application deadline. Note that it is not guaranteed that all applicants will be granted the subsidy. For further details, please refer to the documents below.
Participants of Double Degree Programs and Dual Bachelor's Master's Programs of Meiji University (both Institution level and Faculty level) should also apply to this "Meiji University Study Abroad Encouragement Subsidy".


募集要項 / Application Guidelines

申請者提出書類 / Application Documents Designated Forms

受給決定者提出書類 / For Recipients to Submit

【参考情報】過去の募集要項 / [For Reference] Past Application Guidelines

<English ver.>Application Guidelines

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