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2020年春出発 大学間協定留学募集要項 / 2020 Spring: Study Abroad Program

2020年春出発 大学間協定留学【交換型】【授業料負担型】募集要項


This is the Study Abroad Program held at the partner institutions of Meiji University all around the world on the basis of the student exchange agreements. To participate in this program, students are required to apply for the internal selection and be nominated by Meiji University. Please read both "Application Guidelines" and "Admission Details" thoroughly for the details of the internal selection.

  ●学内応募には「オンライン応募(Oh-o! Meijiのアンケート)」及び「応募書類の窓口提出」の両方の手続きが必要です。

【Important Notes】
  ●Both "Online Application (Oh-o! Meiji Questionnaire)" and "Submission of application documents" are required.
  ●「Admission Details」will be updated continually throughout the applicatoin period. Be sure to recheck it before submitting the application.
  ●The application after the deadline or outside the designated office hours
will not be accepted.

募集要項・出願条件等一覧 / Application Guidelines・Admission Details

学内応募受付期間・書類提出場所 / Application Period・Where to submit the documents

【書類提出場所】所属学部・研究科の事務室 ※国際教育事務室ではありません。

【Application Period】Monday July 1 to Friday July 19, 2019 *Must be submitted within the office hours.
【Where to submit the documents】School・Graduate School Office *NOT to the International Student Office.

提出書類 <日本語版> ※すべてA4サイズ片面印刷,ホチキス止め不要

  1. 大学間協定派遣留学 志願書
  2. 留学計画書 ※PC入力のこと
  3. 最新の成績通知書 ※Oh-o! Meijiポータルサイトから印刷したもの。自動発行機で入手できる成績証明書ではありません
  4. 明治大学協定留学誓約書 ※保証人(保護者)直筆署名・捺印必須
  5. 語学能力証明書のコピー ※出願言語英語の場合はTOEFL-iBTまたはIELTSのスコア原本のコピー必須、その他言語の場合は該当者のみ
  6. 学歴書(外国籍の学生のみ) ※PC入力のこと

Application Documents <Solely for English Track students> *Must be A4 size, single side printed and not stapled.

  1. Study Abroad Program Application Form
  2. Study Abroad Program / Statement of Purpose *To be filled in electronically.
  3. The latest Scholastic Record *Downloaded and printed out from the Oh-o! Meiji system. It is not a certificate issued by automatic issuing machine.
  4. Program Agreement *Signature by the guarantor is mandatory.
  5. Copy of the certificate of the language proficiency *Copy of your official TOEFL or IELTS score report must be submitted for English program, for Non-English program only if required.
  6. Educational Background Information for Study Abroad Programs *To be filled in electronically.

明治大学 国際教育事務室