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2024年春出発 大学間協定留学【交換型】【授業料負担型】募集要項 / 2024 Spring University-wide Study Abroad Program [Exchange][Fee-Paying]

2024年春出発 大学間協定留学【交換型】【授業料負担型】募集要項 / 2024 Spring University-wide Study Abroad Program [Exchange][Fee-Paying]


University-wide Study Abroad Program is a program in which students study abroad for one semester or one academic year at one of the partner universities of Meiji University all around the world. To participate in this program, students are required to apply to the internal screening and be nominated by Meiji University.
Please read both "Application Guidelines" and "Admission Details" thoroughly for the details of the internal selection.

募集要項 / Application Guidelines

出願条件等一覧 / Admission Details

「Admission Details」may be updated continually until June 12. Please check it regularly. 

応募方法・受付期間 / Application Procedures and Period


①Oh-o! Meijiアンケート機能を利用しての オンライン応募
 2023年6月14日(水)9:00 ~ 6月21日(水)17:00
②Oh-o! Meijiグループページへの 応募書類データ提出
 2023年6月22日(木)17:00 まで



Both of the followings ①&② must be completed within the designated application period.

Online application using Oh-o! Meiji questionnaire
      9:00 Wednesday, June 14 to 17:00 Wednesday, June 21, 2023
Submission of application documents to Oh-o! Meiji Group
      By 17:00 Thursday, June 22, 2023
      *Application outside the designated period will not be accepted whatsoever.
      *Online application and submission of the documents must be completed by the applicant him/herself.
      *The scores shown on the copy of the language proficiency test certificate submitted as part of application documents must match with the scores entered in the online application form.

応募書類 所定書式<日本語版>

Application Documents Designated Forms <English ver. for English Track students>


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