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HEISEI 30 (FY2018) KAKENHI Announcement of Provisional Selection Decision and Grant Application Procedures

HEISEI 30 (FY2018) KAKENHI Announcement of Provisional Selection Decision and Grant Application Procedures

Announcement of Provisional Selection Decision
and Grant Application Procedures
Posted on Monday, April. 3

1 To View Provisional Selection Decision
 The provisional selection decision for Scientific Research (KIBAN) (A/B/C) (excl. Generative Research Fields/TOKUSETSU) and Early-Career Scientists (WAKATE) has been posted on Kakenhi Electronic Application System. If your project is provisionally selected, you will see your project details, such as the project title and the research category.
 In order to finalize the selection, please complete the following grant application procedures, one toward JSPS and the other towards the Meiji University. If you decline the decision, or move to other research institutions, please inform the persons in charge as soon as possible. The list of the offices is listed on the far bottom of this page.
 If your project is not selected this time, the feedback will be ready to view online at a later date.

  [Posting Schedule for Provisional Selection Decision by Research Category]
  Encouragement of Scientists – Early April
  Publication of Scientific Research Results – Early April
  Specially Promoted Research - Late April
  Innovative Areas (New Research Areas) – Early April
  Innovative Areas [Continuous Research Area (Publicly Offered Research)] – Early June
  Scientific Research (S) – Late June
  Challenging Research (Pioneering/Exploratory) – Mid July
  Scientific Research (B/C) Generative Research Fields – Late July
  Research Activity Start-up - Late August

■Kakenhi Electronic Application System
 http://www-shinsei.jsps.go.jp/kaken/index.html (English page is available)

2 To Finalize the Provisional Selection Decision for Continuing Projects and Newly Selected Projects
 Please complete necessary procedures 2-1, 2-2 and 3 by 5pm Friday, April 13.

2-1 JSPS requirements
 Please follow the steps as explained below. The internet access is necessary.
 ① Log on to Kakenhi Electronic Application System
 ② In the “Menu for Applicant”, click “Procedure for Provisional Selection Decision”.
 ③ Read and check all of the “Points for Verification” and “Points for Pledge”, then you will see your project information
  on the next screen. Click “Status” field in green on the far right. The display switches automatically to the Grant
  Application Information.
 ④ Enter information as the system requires. Please refer to Operation Manual for Researchers listed below.
    Note 1 For researchers who belong to the following schools, please reenter the proper name in the Academic Unit
       field; School of Information and Communication, School of Global Japanese Studies, School of
       Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences, Graduate School, Professional Graduate School, School of
       Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences, Org. for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual
       Properties, and Org. for International Collaboration. If you have belonged to Law School, affiliation data will
       be modified by the University offices. Please refrain from confirming and sending the application data until
       it is correctly displayed.
       For researchers whose position is among the following, please reenter the proper name in the Position
       field; Researchers (non-tenured, Post-doctoral Research Fellow (non-tenured)
       If your affiliation and/or position has been changed, please notify the Office. Once the Office changes the
       registration data, please confirm it online and complete the data entry as explained in ⑤
    Note 2 If you have Co-Investigators, please refer to Special Notes below.
    Note 3 Please acquire permission from related parties, such as collaborators, interviewees, etc, when planning
       your research.
 ⑤ Verify data in PDF format, click “Check Completed and Send” button in brown on the bottom left. Click “OK” in the
  next message, then data will be sent to the university offices. It is recommended to save PDF forms downloadable
  from the System to create other forms necessary for the procedure 2-2. If you wish to retrieve the data and modify it,
  please notify the Office as soon as possible. A physical copy is not necessary to turn in.

Special Notes on Co-Investigators
 (1) Co-I outside the Meiji University should receive the share of the grant, composed of Direct Cost and Indirect Cost.
   Co-I is allowed to use Direct Cost for research.
 (2) Co-I is required to use awarded funds, either partially or fully. If he/she has no plan of spending it this year, please
   notify the office. You may need to “Remove” him/her in this Grant Application Procedure.
 (3) Please make an agreement with Co-I on the amount of funds which they are entitled to receive. Changing the 
   amount at a later date is not recommended.
 (4) If you need to “Add” or “Remove” Co-I, reasons should be research oriented. JSPS accepts neither school duties nor 
   private issues as reasons.
 (5) If you “Add” Co-I, please submit Consent Form with Co-I’s signature.
  [Consent Form for Co-I in Meiji University] [Consent Form for Co-I outside the Meiji University] (Japanese only)

 Operation Manual for Researchers
 For Single-year funded projects (HOJOKIN)
 [Specially Promoted Research, Innovative Areas, Scientific Research (KIBAN) (A/B) (excl. Generative Research Fields),
 Challenging Research (Exploratory), Research Activity Start-up]
 (in Japanese)note: English translation is accompanied to Japanese text.
 (in English)

 For Multi-year funded projects (KIKIN)
 [Scientific Research (KIBAN) (C), Challenging Research (Pioneering), Young Scientists (WAKATE) (B), and Early-Career
 Scientists (WAKATE), Scientific Research (KIBAN) (B) Generative Research  Fields).
 (in English)

2-2 Meiji University requirements
 Please submit the following documents. The forms are downloadable.
 ① Procedure Request on Kaken Grant [Required]
 ② Budget Allocation Form [Required]
 ③ Permission for the Use of Research Proposals [Optional]
 ④ Bank Account Registration Form (Japanese only, English translation is in preparation.)
  [Required for non-tenured faculties and researchers if it has not been done already]
 ⑤ Kaken Researcher Registration Form (Japanese only, English translation is in preparation.)
  [Required for non-tenured researchers and faculties. Yearly renewal is required.]
 ⑥ Request for the University Support for Research (Japanese only, English translation is in preparation.) [Optional]
  The University offers funds to hire research assistants, to lend a research lab, etc. to a researcher who acquires more
  than 25,000,000yen (Direct Cost only) within this year. The figure may be a sum of multiple projects he/she is awarded.

3 Deadline for Online and Paper-based Procedures: 5PM, Friday, April 13

Please Ask Questions and Submit Documents to;
[Surugadai] Research Promotion and Intellectual Property Office
     : Nomura, Iwasaki, Sugawara, Takada, Nishimura
     03-3296-4361, kaken@mics.meiji.ac.jp
[Izumi] Research Promotion and Intellectual Property Office
     : Maruyama, Aotsu
     03-5300-1451・1630, izkaken@mics.meiji.ac.jp
[Ikuta] Ikuta Research Promotion and Intellectual Property Office
     : Kamishima, Kashiwazaki
     044-934-7717, cm996012@cmm.meiji.ac.jp
[Nakano] Nakano Research and Educational Support Office
     : Haraguchi
     03-5343-8053, nk-kaken@mics.meiji.ac.jp
-End of the Document-