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【重要なお知らせ】 2020年度春学期対面授業開始の延期とオンライン授業の開始について

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April 16, 2020

To Students of Meiji University (incoming and current) and others concerned;

[Important Notice]
Regarding the Postponement of “Face-to-Face Classes” in the Spring Semester for 2020 and the Implementation of Online Classes

In view of the spread of the COVID-19 infection in Japan, we at Meiji University informed all concerned of the postponement of the start of classes for the Spring Semester, 2020 to May 7 in order to ensure the health and safety of our students and all others concerned. Recently, however, a state of emergency was declared for the Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefectures, where our university campuses are located, and we have taken measures to restrict the entry of students to our campus facilities.

Under these circumstances, the university decided that it would be inadvisable for our students to attend the campuses or for us to conduct normal face-to-face classes.

In line with this, the university has duly decided that, in principle, ONLY ONLINE CLASSES WILL BE CONDUCTED from May 7 through to June 17. This term is defined as S1 in the 2020 Academic Calendar.

Exceptionally, some classes may be regarded as inappropriate to conduct in online, such as lab classes. For such classes there may be some variation in the implementation of the period.

We will make an announcement by the end of May regarding the method of conducting classes beyond June 18 (S2 term).

All students are kindly requested to check the detailed explanation posted the Oh-o! Meiji System (The learning management system) prior to the start of class. All students need to prepare for taking online classes, including such matters as the internet connection environment, etc.
The URL of Oh-o! Meiji System is as follows: https://oh-o2.meiji.ac.jp/

The university understands that it would be better for our students and faculty members to meet and directly interact together in the classroom as normal. However, our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our students and all others concerned.

Meiji University will earnestly continue to search for a way to provide quality education to our students so that they are able to study with peace of mind. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

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